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Magnolia Market at the Silos

Chip and Joanna Gaines Offer ‘Homeless’ Church Place to Worship

Chip and Joanna Gaines are known for designing welcoming spaces for families in "fixer-upper" homes. Now they are offering a unique space to a displaced congregation comprised of several people from Waco's homeless population.
David Platt

David Platt: ‘political games’ Stymieing Missions in the SBC

David Platt used his farewell message to the IMB to implore them to set aside political games for the sake of the gospel.
Paige Patterson Richard Land SES

Paige Patterson to Teach Ethics Course at NC Seminary

Several months after Paige Patterson was fired as president of SWBTS, he has been asked to teach a course on Christian ethics at a seminary in North Carolina.
Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific Board Reinstates Ban on LGBT Relationships

Just 10 days after news broke that Azusa Pacific University had essentially lifted a ban on LGBT relationships on campus, the board of trustees reinstated it.
Indonesia tsunami

Children at Bible Camp Among 1,000+ Killed in Indonesia Tsunami

After an earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, a massive tsunami wreaked havoc on the coastline. Over 1,200 bodies have been recovered so far. Relief efforts are stymied by lack of access to remote areas.
NewSpring Church

NewSpring Church After Noble: Is This the Leadership Model of the Future?

South Carolina’s NewSpring Church is healthier and stronger than ever, thanks to a team approach to ministry and God’s grace. That assessment comes from...
statement on social justice

This Is Why Al Mohler Didn’t Sign the Statement on Social Justice

If you are at all confused about where to stand on the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel, Al Mohler breaks down the points—controversial and otherwise—and includes his own commentary, which stems from 40+ years of grappling with this issue.
Coptic Christians

Persecuted Coptic Christians Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

If Coptic Christians receive the Nobel Peace Prize on October 5, they will be the first ethno-religious group to have received it.
Brett Kavanaugh

How Christian Leaders Should, and Should Not, Speak in This Kavanaugh Moment

The women—and men—in your church are looking to you to see how to respond to the news on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Here’s What You Need to Know About #WhyIDidntReport

Two Christian women—Beth Moore and Jules Woodson—explain #WhyIDidntReport, the trending hashtag that they have personal and painful experience with.
Millennial Divorce Rate

Millennials Are Killing an ‘Industry’ That Actually Needs to Die

The Millennial divorce rate is lower than that of previous generations. This is good and bad...
Brenda Salter McNeil

Brenda Salter McNeil to Lead Quest Church During Transition

Effective October 1, Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil will lead the Seattle-based Quest Church through a time of transition as they seek a new lead pastor.
Christian in Hollywood

What’s It Like to Be Christian in Hollywood? Chris Pratt Answers

Actor Chris Pratt opens up about being a Christian in Hollywood, including using his platform to share religious messages and how he's been treated in Hollywood.
Chinese Church

300+ Chinese Pastors Risk Livelihood by Signing Statement

Pastors of the underground Chinese Church have risked their livelihood by signing a statement in which they call out the government's persecution of Christian churches. These pastors declare they are willing to give up “all our earthly rights” for the love of their fellow citizens.
Azusa Pacific LGBT relationships

Azusa Pacific Lifts Ban on LGBT Relationships

Effective this academic year, Azusa Pacific University has lifted the ban on LGBT relationships from its Code of Conduct for students. An administrator says APU still has a “conservative, evangelical perspective on human sexuality” and that only the language, not the “spirit,” of the code changed.
benefits of prayer

Researchers Surprised by ‘Protective’ Benefits of Prayer on Youth

A new study published by Harvard lists the benefits of prayer and church attendance on youth. Turns out, prayer can protect children from a bevy of unfortunate choices.
Is God male?

Is God Male? Why Some Clergy Are Changing Their Language

More women than men respond yes to the question "Is God male?" But some clergy are revising the way they refer to God, who traditionally has been portrayed as both male, female and genderless.
Hillsong Church

Hillsong Church Has Outgrown Its Denomination

Hillsong Church has pulled out from under its denomination in order to create its own denomination.
gender transition

Harmful CA AB 2119 Approves Gender Transition for Foster Kids

Medical professionals push back against a new California law that allows kids in foster care to receive gender transition treatment, despite the fact that the treatment can cause sterilization and sexual dysfunction later in life.
Steve Carter

What Is Willow Creek’s Steve Carter Up to These Days?

It's been a little over a month since Steve Carter resigned from his position as teaching pastor of Willow Creek. In a new interview, Carter opens up about his decision to leave and what might be ahead for him.

Latest News

Kidnapped Christian Student Executed by Islamic Extremists in Northeast Nigeria

A video of a Nigerian student killed by the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) is circulating the internet. Christian Ropvil Daciya Dalep was identified by members of his ethnic Mupun people as the student killed in the video.

New Podcasts

Meg Meeker: What You Need to Know About Teen Sex, Depression,...

Never think, says Dr. Meg Meeker, that you have no power to help your teens navigate challenges like social media, depression, and premarital sex. The dangers are real, she says, but "there’s a lot parents (and youth leaders) can do.”