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lincoln bible

Lincoln Bible Unveiled by Descendants of the President’s Friend

A “newly discovered” Lincoln Bible has been put on display in Springfield, Illinois. Descendants of a friend of Lincoln’s have passed the Bible from generation to generation for the past 150 years until recently donating it to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.
Jordan River

Deshaun Watson Gets Baptized in the Jordan River

"This is a part of the world which gets a lot of attention internationally, and this is a chance for me to look beyond the headlines and learn more about the history and culture of this land," Deshaun Watson said about his trip to Israel and the Jordan River.
top rugby player

Folau Now Raising Money for Battle over His Christian Beliefs

Israel Folau, the top rugby player in Australia fired for posting controversial comments on social media, has set up a GoFundMe page. On it, Folau is asking for help raising $3 million to fund legal proceedings over what he believes is a wrongful termination of his contract.

King’s College Apologizes for Ousting Autistic Boy From Evensong

A father and his autistic son were asked to leave an Evensong service in Cambridge. The boy's father says his son “expresses his excitement by calling out and laughing.”
Michelle Lesley

Beth Moore Called Out Again, This Time Over Homosexuality and Ecumenicalism

Michelle Lesley and a handful of other Bible teachers call out Beth Moore for her supposedly ambiguous stance toward homosexuality.
china tariffs

Bible Publishers in a Panic Over Proposed New China Tariffs

Publishers of Bibles and children’s books fear that President Trump’s proposed additional $300 billion in China tariffs will debilitate their industry, leading to a shortage of children’s books and Bibles in the U.S.
megachurch pastor

Andy Stanley: ‘You can’t be right with God if you are not right with...

In a 45-minute interview, megachurch pastor Andy Stanley clarifies his view on the purpose of the Old Testament (and Scripture generally). According to Stanley, if the church is more concerned with holding to a certain view of Scripture than helping people embrace Jesus, we have a problem.
pakistan blasphemy law

Pakistani Court to Review Death Sentence of Christian Couple

A Christian couple imprisoned for the past five years under Pakistan blasphemy law will finally get a court hearing to determine whether their death sentence will be overturned.
bodie cruz

Bodie Cruz to Be Ordained As Pastor, Family Is ‘Excited’

Bodie Cruz, a former actor and son of actor and singer Tirso Cruz III, is becoming an ordained pastor of Victory Church in the Philippines.
Hong Kong protests

Christians ‘Sing Hallelujah to the Lord’, Join Hong Kong Protests

Christians have joined the Hong Kong protests with their anthem "Sing Hallelujah to the Lord". Some 2 million people took to the streets Sunday night to protest the government's handling of a wildly unpopular extradition bill.
Notre Dame fire

Notre Dame Fire: Early Repairs Largely Funded by ‘Generous’ U.S. Donors

Immediately following the Notre Dame fire, French billionaires pledged their monetary support of the repair efforts. After two months, though, cathedral officials say funding has come mainly from small donations made by U.S. and French donors.
jasper county jail

This Church in Indiana Is Making a Difference in the County Jail

A church in Wheatfield, Indiana, is making a difference in the Jasper County Jail. The church has been holding weekly services at the jail for only three months, but the inmates, corrections officers, and sheriff say they can already see an impact.
make america straight again

Fundamentalist Pastor Seeks to ‘Make America Straight Again’

A pastor in Orlando who calls homosexuals "reprobates" and calls for their execution, is hosting a "Make America Straight Again" conference.
leah sharibu

Leah Sharibu’s Mother to President Trump: ‘Please Help Me’

The mother of teenager Leah Sharibu is asking the U.S. government to intervene on behalf of her daughter, who is being held captive by terrorist group, Boko Haram.
sbc annual meeting

New SBC Amendments Target Churches Complicit in Abuse

At the SBC annual meeting earlier this week, delegates voted to pass amendments stating that if churches do not appropriately address sexual abuse and discrimination, they will be put out of fellowship with the convention.
Chinese Church

Wang Yi’s Wife Released From Prison After 6 Months

Jiang Rong, the wife of Pastor Wang Yi of the Chinese church Early Rain, has been released from prison on bail and pending a trial. She has been reunited with the couple's son.
Group Publishing VBS

This Is Why People Have a Problem With This Year’s Group Publishing VBS

After children's ministers and non-ministers raised concerns over this year's Group Publishing VBS product, the company revised parts of the curriculum deemed culturally insensitive.
flatirons community church

WATCH: Flatirons Community Church Pastor on Why He Needs a Break

Jim Burgen, lead pastor of Flatirons Community Church in Colorado, announced a few days ago that he would be taking a six-month sabbatical. In the video, Burgen expressed gratitude toward the men who were willing to help him see his blind spots.
The Village Church

Matt Chandler on The Village Church Abuse Case

Matt Chandler stepped away from his sabbatical to address claims The Village Church mishandled a sexual abuse case involving one of its former staff members.

Church’s Rental Money to Be Used to Fund LGBT Events (AISD)

The Austin Independent School District (AISD) has decided to take some of the funds it has received from a local church and put them toward LGBT events during Pride Month. But gay rights advocates want the district to go even further.

Latest News

Nona Jones: The Conversation on Race You Haven’t Heard Yet

When Nona Jones started speaking about racial injustice at the 2020 Global Leadership Summit, she said she knew some people may tune her out. But, she promised to take the conversation somewhere we likely haven’t been over these last several weeks of tension.

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