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Build My Life

‘Build My Life’ Tops List of Most-Used Worship Songs by Churches

Real-time data gathered from a church presentation software company places Pat Barrett's song "Build My Life" at the top of its list of most-used worship songs by churches over the past three years.
Kanye Sunday Service

A Kanye Sunday Service Brought Healing to Dayton After Shooting

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about attending a Kanye Sunday Service. What I saw and heard surprised me.

God Uses Christian Song to Lead Man to Confess Murder

The song, "Redeemed," by the band Big Daddy Weave is what led a man in Tennessee to recently confess to a variety of crimes, including first-degree murder.
socal harvest

Over 8,000 People Come to Christ at SoCal Harvest

For 30 years in a row, Greg Laurie has been hosting SoCal Harvest. This year, Laurie says over 100,000 people showed up at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, and 8,670 people made a profession of faith.
Texas church shooting

Two Years After Church Massacre, Pastor Runs for Office

The pastor of First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Springs, the site of the 2017 Texas church shooting that killed 26, is making a political move. Frank Pomeroy says that “morality and integrity” are “disappearing rapidly” and that “if Texas falls, the country falls.”

Bethel Church on Homosexuality: Jesus Showed Us How to Disagree But Love

Bethel Church's Changed Movement is drawing a lot of criticism. Some say the church is taking an ambiguous stance on sin while others say they are edging toward dangerous conversion therapy practices.
european refugee crisis

‘I Saw a Refugee Crisis’–What Iranian Christians Are Facing Once They Leave

Through helping those suffering from the European refugee crisis, Eric Demeter has had an up-close look at the persecution Christians are facing both in Iran and in Greece. And he wants to get the word out to the church about what our brothers and sisters are going through.
Darrell Gilyard

Videos, Documents Uncovered Showing Patterson’s Coverup of Abusive Pastor

Even after Darrell Gilyard confessed to some claims and resigned from Victory Baptist Church near Dallas in 1991, tapes show Patterson defended Gilyard and spoke about “sins” committed by his accusers, who were “not innocent either.”
1619 project

What Is ‘The 1619 Project’ and What Are People Saying About It?

The New York Times recently published an initiative called “The 1619 Project,” which aims to demonstrate that slavery is central to the U.S.'s development and still impacts American lives today. While many have welcomed the project, others feel it is either misguided or promoting a false narrative.

God, Gucci, and Church: Exclusive Interview With PreachersNSneakers Creator

The creator of PreachersNSneakers is just an “average” person who is facilitating a hefty discussion about church transparency and personal accountability—all through an Instagram account he thinks of as “an opportunity to make people laugh.”
el paso shooting

Pastor Drives From CT to TX to Prove Love Goes Farther Than Hate

A pastor inspired by Matthew 5:41 is driving from Connecticut to Texas to raise funds for the families of the El Paso shooting victims. Pastor Bowles also wants to prove that love goes farther than hate.
Austin Independent School District

Church Endures a Year of Protests from LGBTQ Advocates Before Moving

Celebration Church in Austin, Texas, will no longer be renting from the Austin Independent School District. LGBTQ activists have been protesting during the church's Sunday services for the past year, and both the church and protestors are celebrating the move.
eternal security

John Piper on Josh Harris’ Apostasy: What About Eternal Security?

The doctrine of eternal security essentially says that once a person comes to know and accept the saving grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ, they cannot become “unsaved.” How do we reconcile this doctrine with Josh Harris' recent announcement? John Piper answers.
Mexican pastor

Mexican Pastor Shot to Death While Preaching

A Mexican pastor was shot at close range while preaching during a Sunday morning service at his church in Oaxaca, Mexico last weekend. His death is a marker in a concerning trend of organized crime targeting pastors and priests in Mexico.

Tullian Tchividjian Starts New Church After Affairs

Tullian Tchividjian has started a new church in Florida. While some of the church’s attendees say his return to leadership is a sign of God’s grace, one of the women Tchividjian had an affair with says there was abuse involved in their relationship and she does not believe he is truly repentant. 
Rod Parsley

“End the gridlock,” Rod Parsley Chastises Congress From Border

“I don’t understand why no one in Washington, D.C., is heartbroken,” Rod Parsley said from the U.S.-Mexico border. “Maybe you’re heartless.”
robert morris

Robert Morris’s Message from Prison: God Is Not Mad at You

Robert Morris, Gateway Church's senior pastor, preached a service last week at Coffield prison, where he emphasized that God’s heart is not to condemn sinners, but to show kindness by blessing us when we don’t deserve it.
Hong Kong Protest

Vancouver Church ‘bullied’ by Pro-China Activists

Members of Tenth Church in Vancouver, Canada, were attending a prayer meeting the weekend for the Hong Kong protest when pro-China activists showed up outside the church.
Title X

Planned Parenthood Says It Was Forced Out of Title X

In light of a key deadline in the Trump Administration's changes to Title X funding, Planned Parenthood has announced it is refusing to comply with the new regulations. The organization may lose its funding very soon.
Evangelical Lutheran Church

ELCA Now a ‘Sanctuary Church Body’ for Migrants

The Evangelical Lutheran Church voted to become a "sanctuary church body". The first of its kind, the ELCA committed to doing things like provide shelter to undocumented immigrants.

Latest News

50K Pray for Nation ‘in crisis’ to Return to God at...

At least 50,000 people from around the U.S. attended "The Return," a prayer gathering and walk in Washington D.C. led by Samaritan's Purse president Franklin Graham.

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