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Will Graham Unbroken Film

Billy Graham’s Evangelism Featured in New Film About WWII Hero

Will Graham, the grandson of Billy Graham, is continuing his grandfather's legacy in an interesting way. Will plays his grandfather in a new Unbroken film, which continues the story of Louis Zamperini.
Michael Ketterer America's Got Talent

This Is Why the AGT Judges Can’t Stop Praising Michael Ketterer

We can't get enough of seeing Michael Ketterer America's Got Talent performances. If you haven't heard this worship leader's soulful voice, you are in for a real blessing.
Anne Graham Lotz

Anne Graham Lotz Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Anne Graham Lotz is asking for prayer that God would heal her in whichever way He deems would bring Him the most glory. Healing without surgery, with surgery, with surgery and follow-up treatment, or through the greater miracle of the resurrection.
John Crist

John Crist: Who Would You Pick in a Celebrity Pastor Fantasy Draft?

John Crist wonders why we don't have a fantasy league for celebrity pastors like we do the NFL. Instead of determining a QPR (Quarterback Performance Rating), participants would calculate PPR (Pastor’s Performance Rating).   
Conversion Therapy Bill

Unexpected Drop of California’s Conversion Therapy Bill

The author of California's conversion therapy bill, that declared gay conversion therapy a fraudulent business practice, has abandoned his effort for this year after a fierce outcry from the state’s religious community and unexpected dialogue and collaboration.
Faith in America

Which of These New Faith Categories Do You Fall Into?

Researchers have divided faith in America into seven new categories: Sunday Stalwarts, God-and-Country Believers, Diversely Devout, Solidly Secular, Religion Resisters, Relaxed Religious and Spiritually Awake.
Catholic Church sex abuse

$3.8 Billion Paid Out to Abuse Victims by Catholic Church

In a new report from BishopAccountability the out-of-court settlements and civil suit cases have cost the church a staggering $3.8 billion as a result of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal.
pastor pay

Pastors: If You Think Your Paycheck Is Shrinking, You’re Right

A new GuideStone Financial Resources and LifeWay Christian Resources survey finds pastor pay for full-time Southern Baptists lagged behind the growth in the cost-of-living over the past two years.
Chinese church

Are Chinese Officials Behind Closure of This Beijing Church?

Communist officials are applying more pressure to the Chinese church. Last April, government authorities asked Zion church in Beijing to install 24 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the building for “security.” The church refused and now it's lost its lease.
water into wine

Archaeologists Believe They’ve Found Site of Jesus’ First Miracle

Based on a new discovery, archaeologists believe the place where Jesus turned water into wine is a dusty hillside five miles further north than previously believed.
Master’s University and Seminary

John MacArthur’s Seminary on Probation for ‘climate of bullying,’ Board Problems

The areas of concern at the Master's University and Seminary include a lack of board independence, allegations of conflicts of interest regarding student financial aid, institutional leaders being hired who lack qualifications for the higher education positions they hold, and what the WSCUC described as “a disturbing climate of fear, intimidation and bullying” at the university.
Why Continue Abstinence-Only Sex Ed When Research Claims It's Ineffective?

How to Respond to Claims That Abstinence Training Is Ineffective

As Christians, we should not be in the business of watering down the truth in the interest of what kids might do anyway.
Southern Baptists

17 Years of Decline in SBC Have Members Feeling ‘Blue’

NOBTS president Dr. Chuck Kelly told students and faculty during a chapel address on August 21 that “Southern Baptists have the blues” and that “the future is unclear” for the largest Protestant denomination in the United States.
Scott Morrison

Australia’s New Prime Minister Is an Evangelical

Scott Morrison is the first evangelical Christian to become Australia's prime minister and sees Christianity as one of his motivations for public service.
Thom Rainer

Thom Rainer Leaving LifeWay. Says It’s Time for New Leadership

Thom Rainer, the president of LifeWay Christian Resources, says he is resisting the urge to stay on the job and plans to retire in the coming year.
White House evangelical dinner

Trump Touts ‘Keeping His Promises’ at Dinner for 100 Evangelicals

At the White House evangelical dinner Trump's list of promises-kept included protecting religious liberty and reinstatement of the Mexico City policy.
Archbishop Vigano

Archbishop Calls for Pope Francis to Resign

Archbishop Vigano claims Pope Francis has been covering sexual abuse in the Catholic Church for years and must resign.
Pastor suicide Andrew Stoecklein

Depression and Anxiety Claim Life of Lead Pastor Andrew Stoecklein

Andrew Stoecklein of Inland Hills Church in Chino, California, attempted to take his life on Friday, August 25, 2018. Unfortunately, his attempt was successful. His story reminds us that pastor suicide is something we should be wary of.
Stone Mountain

Thousands Flocked to This Confederate Monument for a Very Good Reason

Christians from all races and denominations climbed to the top of Stone Mountain, outside Atlanta, Georgia, to pray for racial reconciliation.
Jerry Scott Squires

Update: Army Exonorates Southern Baptist Chaplain

Questions are being raised about a U.S. Army investigation that resulted in dereliction of duty charges against Jerry Scott Squires, a Southern Baptist chaplain.

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Christian Leaders Respond to Kobe Bryant’s Death

"Such sudden losses bring all of us into the sobering reality of an appointment we will all have to keep & the vaporous span of life," Ravi Zacharias said about Kobe Bryant's death.

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