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Rachael Denhollander's courage

Rachael Denhollander’s Courage to Show Us a Way Forward

Rachael Denhollander's courage was seen in her victim impact statement as a testimony to the grace, power, forgiveness and justice only available through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Gen Z

The Statistics You Need to Know if You Work with Gen Z

A new Barna study finds Gen Z is more atheistic and skeptical of absolute truth and faith.
George Lindbeck

Postliberal Theologian George Lindbeck Dies at 94

George Lindbeck, one of the fathers of postliberalism, passed away this month in Florida. Postliberalism was meant to be an apologetic help to be a credal or mere Christian in our age.
Save the Children

Save the Children Office in Afghanistan Attacked by Terrorists

One person is dead after terrorists stormed the Save the Children office in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz and the Super Faith of the Philadelphia Eagles

Carson Wentz and several of his teammates began the season praying for humility and surrender. Their prayers were answered but not by way of a trip to the Super Bowl.

What Science Has to Contribute to Being Pro-Life

Advances in science have emboldened the pro-life movement and are bringing new adherents to the viewpoint.
Luis Palau

Luis Palau: Death Is Now a Reality for Me

In spite of a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer, evangelist Luis Palau says his faith in God is strong and he accepts what God has next for him.
March for Life

Trump at March for Life: Children Are ‘a precious gift from God’

President Donald Trump addresses the 45th Annual March for Life telling the 100,000 in attendance that he is with them.
Aziz Ansari

Why the Church Should Talk About Aziz Ansari

The latest round of #metoo moments involves comedian Aziz Ansari. Whether you're familiar with him or not, there are some things you should know.

UPDATE: Prayers Answered, Bolivia’s Religious Restrictions to Be Repealed

Bolivia makes evangelism illegal causing concern for the nation's 2 million evangelicals.
prayer for those in authority

Who Is Praying for Those in Authority?

Polling trends from 2017 show a nation distrustful of President Trump and unhappy with his performance, but largely not praying for those in authority.
Bernice King

Bernice King: Love Is the Only Thing That Will Turn Our Nation Around

Dr. Bernice King addressed the crowd at Ebenezer Baptist Church admonishing the nation to follow Christ's example of love.
Facebook algorithm

The New Facebook Algorithm and Your Church

84 percent of churches are using Facebook. But the new Facebook algorithm could force many to rethink strategies.
Apple Shareholders

Apple Shareholders Want Kids Protected From iPhone

Two major Apple shareholders and a prominent former Apple executive are calling on the company to make changes to the iPhone to protect children from their most popular product.
Human Trafficking awareness

The Human Face of Trafficking: What Your Church Needs to Know

How is your human trafficking awareness? Trafficking doesn't always look what we think it looks like. There are several resources you can use to teach your church about this crisis.
Moody Bible Institute

UPDATE: Top Leaders Leave Moody Bible Institute Over ‘Crisis of Leadership’

Moody Bible Institute's problems include falling student enrollment numbers, a climate of fear and intimidation on campus, a liberal theological drift and widespread layoffs.
Christian Women

2018 World Watch List: Christian Women Persecuted Most

Open Doors has released its 2018 World Watch List. Christian women in particular face a double form of persecution.

Women Report Finding ‘beauty from ashes’ After Abortion

Post abortive women who shared their stories of emotional despair found significant spiritual benefits from their mistake.
Art Rorheim

Art Rorheim: Of This Approved Workman God Will Not Be Ashamed

Art Rorheim was an innovator in children's ministry who knew how to teach children about the Bible while having great fun doing it.
Sexual Abuse

UPDATE: Andy Savage Placed on Leave of Absence (Effective Immediately)

A church in Memphis is standing behind its teaching pastor who admitted to a past sexual assault and asked forgiveness.

Latest News

Pastor Drives From CT to TX to Prove Love Goes Farther...

A pastor inspired by Matthew 5:41 is driving from Connecticut to Texas to raise funds for the families of the El Paso shooting victims. Pastor Bowles also wants to prove that love goes farther than hate.

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David Kinnaman: Living in a Digital Babylon (What You Need to...

Barna president David Kinnaman says, “We’re becoming more post-Christian by a lot of measures." This week on our podcast, David shares why, even though our culture is becoming increasingly secular, he is optimistic about the faith of the next generation.