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First Baptist Sutherland Springs

First Baptist Sutherland Springs Rebuilds After the Mass Shooting

UPDATE May 8, 2018 Workers broke ground for Sutherland Spring's new worship center on May 5, 2018—six months after the tragedy that rocked the community. The...
United Methodist Church homosexuality

Can the One Church Plan Save the UMC From Schism?

A United Methodist Church homosexuality policy is proving difficult for the denomination to agree on. The Council of Bishops has reviewed three proposed policies and has given its recommendation for which stance the denomination should adopt.
Paige Patterson

UPDATE: 1,000+ SBC Women Call on Paige Patterson to Resign

The open letter to trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary reads, “We cannot defend or support" the remarks by Paige Patterson. “No one should.”
North Korean hostages

Update: North Korea’s Three American Hostages Are All Christians

The North Korean hostages were doing missionary work alongside their regular occupations when they were arrested on a variety of alleged anti-state crimes, despite the fact that they appear to have journeyed to the diplomatically isolated nation to improve conditions for its 25 million citizens.
Beth Moore

Beth Moore Has Had Enough of ‘Sinful’ Evangelical Misogyny

Beth Moore just published an open letter to Christian men. In her quintessentially graceful and humorous style, Moore lays out a not-so-humorous message: The...
Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

Researchers Find Hidden Text on Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

Researchers at an international conference to commemorate the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls revealed a fascinating new discovery on Tuesday, May 1, 2018....
National Day of Prayer 2018

President Trump: Prayer Built This Great Nation

Faith leaders joined Vice President Pence, President Trump and members of his cabinet in the Rose Garden this morning to observe the  National Day...
Effective Preachers

The 12 ‘most effective’ Preachers in English

In 1996, Baylor University’s Truett Seminary sent out a survey to professors of homiletics to determine who were the most “effective” preachers in the...
Iowa abortion law

Iowa Lawmakers: ‘No Abortions After First Heartbeat’

If signed by the governor, the Iowa abortion law would be the toughest in the nation, outlawing abortion when the baby’s heartbeat is detected, as early as six weeks.
national day of prayer

Can the National Day of Prayer Reunite a Divided Nation?

With the nation severely divided politically, religiously and racially, Dr. Ronnie Floyd, the president of the National Day of Prayer, says he can’t think of another moment more appropriate for America to come together and pray for unity in our nation.
inner city church

Birmingham’s Inner City Is About to Get a New Church

Alabama’s largest church plans to start an inner city church in the highest crime areas of Birmingham, the state’s largest city.
Paige Patterson

Paige Patterson and Doing the Right Thing for the SBC, Again

Social media is abuzz with comments about the church and domestic violence. The cause is not a new incident; rather, it’s the result of an old...
Nigeria Christian persecution

Nigerian President Under Pressure to Stop Persecution of Christians

Nigeria Christian persecution is growing following the deaths of 19 people during a Catholic mass and the destruction of dozens of homes.
biblical david

Could This Building Prove the Existence of the Biblical David?

Whether or not the biblical David ever existed was in doubt until 1993. Now, more proof of the historicity of King David has been has been uncovered in a valley east of the Hebron hills.
Wheaton meeting

What Really Happened at the Wheaton Meeting?

It’s been two weeks since the invitation-only Wheaton meeting of evangelicals, but both Christian and secular media are still running op-ed pieces about the gathering.
prison reform

Prison Reform Will Restore Hope, Dignity and Value to Inmates

Hundreds of Christian leaders are supporting prison reform legislation working its way through Congress.
Qur’an palimpsest

Found Beneath This Ancient Qur’an Manuscript: the Bible

Faint Coptic letters were found behind the Arabic script in an ancient Qur'an palimpsest. Experts discovered the Coptic text was from the Old Testament’s Book of Deuteronomy—part of the Torah and the Christian Old Testament.
Jesus the Homeless

Artistic Reminder of Our Sacred Duty to the Poor Adds a New Location

The near life-size bronze sculpture titled "Jesus the Homeless" depicts Jesus as a homeless person sleeping on a bench. The statue has been described as a "visual translation" of the Gospel of Matthew passage in which Jesus tells his disciples, "As you did it to one of the least of my brothers, you did it to me"
California AB 2943

California Pastors Are Worried. Here’s Why

Concern is growing among pastors and Christian counselors that California AB 2943, working its way through the state assembly, would put them at odds with the law if they hold to biblical standards of sexuality.
Donna Barrett Assemblies of God

First Woman to Serve on Executive Leadership Team of AG

The Assemblies of God (AG) has just elected its first woman to serve on the AG Executive Leadership Team. On Monday, April 23, 2018,...

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Should Christians Be Worried If They Feel No Sexual Attraction?

In a culture that idealizes romance, it’s easy for people who do not experience sexual attraction to feel as though something is wrong with them. That is the experience of one young woman who wrote to John Piper’s "Ask Pastor John" podcast.

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