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Youth Leader How To's

How You Can Honor Your Graduates

Two ways you can bless your students as they leave your youth group.

Is YouTube Dangerous for Teens?

David Smith offers insights on the trend of harmful how-to videos on YouTube.

How to Fight the Digital Drain in Your Youth Ministry

We must equip students with the tools to study Scripture and develop habits of prayer.

4 Ways to Make Yourself Indispensable

Justin Lathrop offers insights for staff pastors to serve better.

How You Can Keep Volunteers on Your Team

There are alternatives to leaving that may allow your all-star staffers to stay involved in your ministry!

How You Can Prepare Students for the Stress of College

A staggering percentage of teens say they are feeling overwhelmed leaving high school.

9 Tips on How to Use a Media Based Series

A media-based message or series, when poorly done, can really hurt your ministry.

How You Can Help High School Grads Transition

Practical ways to help prevent teens from disconnecting from Church when they graduate.

5 Steps to Finding Family in Your Community

Everything you do as a pastor depends on your emotional and spiritual health.

10 Things You Need to Do During An All-Staff Meeting

Jeremy Zach offers ten tips for better staff meetings.

12 Things That Will Move Your Youth Ministry Forward in 2011

Do you have a strategy or plan to make progress in your ministry this year?

18 Keys to Successful Mentoring

Bill Easum and Bil Cornelius share what they’ve learned about being a mentor and mentee.

How to Bridge the Parent-Child Gap

This generation of students is hurting. Does anyone hear them?

How to Kill Your Sunday School Program?

Busy students don't need more; they often need better. Should you get rid of Sunday school?

Making Sense of Suicide

What you need to know & how you can help when suicide happens in your student ministry

How to Talk to Junior Highschoolers About Physical Changes

Doug Fields offers ideas to help shape your conversations with students about changes.

3 Ways to Get Teens to Share Their Faith

Inspiring students to share their faith with their friends starts with you.

Ideas on How to Talk to Teens and Emerging Adults

Practical tips from teens and young adults on how to talk with them.

3 Ways to Fight the Urge to Quit Youth Ministry

If you’re feeling pretty low, these points could put you in the right direction today.

3 Ways to Reignite Your Fire for Evangelism

Have you lost the spark? Here are 3 helpful hints to reignite your passion.

Is the Rapture Really in the Bible? Why Skye Jethani Says,...

Author, speaker, and “Holy Post” cohost Skye Jethani believes the idea of the rapture is not actually in the Bible. Jethani laid out his argument in a recent video, addressing Matthew 24 and 1 Thessalonians 4 in particular.

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin, Part 1: Why the Church’s Problem...

Dr. Kyle Strobel and Dr. Jamin Goggin join “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to discuss what God has taught them about his way to power and why every ministry leader must wrestle with what their view of power actually is.

Youth Leader How To's