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Youth Leader How To's

6 Ways to Leverage Cell Phones in Your Ministry

If you don't have a smart phone, be a smart pastor!

4 Things You Can Do to Care for Your Soul

Practical things you can do to establish boundaries & care for your soul

4 Ways to Promote Intentional Spiritual Parenting

Help your students' parents understand the importance of their roles.

9 Ways to Make Your Ministry Family-Oriented

Read these tips to help guide your ministry to be more family-centered.

Top 5 Reasons Youth Pastors Quit

Before handing in the resignation letter, check these 5 reasons youth workers resign.

7 Rules to Help Volunteers Show Up to Meetings

Never have a meeting without a clear purpose.

How to Engage Students in Worship

Create an atmosphere and environment for worship with your teens.

Recruiting Leaders: New Ideas from Old Pros

The good, the bad, and the ugly of recruiting leaders.

How To Handle Criticism

Roy Probus discusses five key things in making criticism work for you.

Fixing Mistakes in Ministry

Four suggestions on how to fix things after you've screwed up.

Nudge Your Students to Try New Things

Megan Hutchinson reminds us that we often need to nudge students in new directions.

10 Ways to Be Good News to Public Schools

How can the church be Good News to the public school? Here are 10 ideas.

Helping Students Transition to High School

Help middle school students transition to your high school ministry with these tips.

12 Strategies That Prevent Youth Pastors From Going Crazy

Maintaining a healthy psyche while in youth ministry is extremely important.

4 Tips for Facilitating Better Small Group Conversation

Chris Wesley offers four tips for creating a framework for engaging small group conversation.

Conflict Resolution in Youth Ministry

I just returned from our Mexico spring break mission trip exhausted when a parent met me in the parking lot screaming. A minute later...

Tauren Wells ‘Crazy About You’ Lyrics Labeled ‘Biblically in Error’ by...

Tauren Wells shared earlier this week that his from his song “Crazy About You” has been denied airplay from at least 13 Christian radio stations because radio programmers claim it is theologically incorrect.

Matt Chandler, Part 1: How the 2022 Controversy Has Impacted His...

Matt Chandler joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how God has brought healing in his life and ministry following the controversy he walked through in 2022. 

Youth Leader How To's