Enemies of Your Children's Ministry

Your Children’s Ministry has enemies.  They seek to render your ministry ineffective.  Watch out for them.  Guard against them.  Don’t allow them to get a foot in the door.


Mr. Disunity seeks to destroy your Children’s Ministry through gossip, division, backbiting, and slander.  He has his own agenda and is unwilling to submit to leadership.

How to defeat Mr. Disunity: 
Unity doesn’t mean you will agree on everything.  But it does mean you will talk out any differences or questions using direct communication.  Face-to-face with direct reports…not through side conversations.  And once a final decision is made, everyone stacks hands and goes with it.  And if you can’t stack hands…then leave quietly.


The Abuser is a deadly enemy who seeks to destroy your Children’s Ministry through secret abuse.  He will not only hurt the life of a child but also severely damage your ministry’s testimony in the community.

How to defeat The Abuser:
Have a thorough process for on-boarding new volunteers.  This should include a personal interview where you ask hard questions, a background check, and reference calls.  Also, never allow anyone to be alone with a child.  


Mrs. Inwardly Focused wants to shift your attention away from those outside the walls of the church.  She is most comfortable in a holy huddle.  She can be very outspoken.  You will hear her say things like “it’s not deep enough” or “we need to care for our own instead of worrying about getting more new people in” or “I don’t care if the music is helping reach people…its too loud!” 

How to defeat Mrs. Inwardly Focused:
Stay focused on what matters to Jesus.  He has the world on His heart.  He came to seek and save those who are lost.  He is the friend of sinners.   At the same time, provide pathways for believers to grow in their faith.  It’s not either or…its both and.



The Calendar Crowder wants to fill your ministry calendar with random events and programs.  His mantra is “the busier the better.”  He wants to push you into mediocrity as you spread your volunteers and budget dollars thin across a myriad of calendar items.

How to defeat the Calendar Crowder:
Be very strategic in your calendar planning.  Remember less is more.  Do a few things with excellence.  Say “yes” to the unique calling God has for your ministry and “no” to everything else.  Sometimes you have to say no to good things so something great can live.


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Dale Hudson has been serving in children's ministry for over 30 years. He is an author, speaker and ministry leader.  He is the founder and director of Building Children's Ministry. BCM helps churches build strong leaders, teams and children's ministries.  (www.buildingchildrensministry.com)