Youth Group Lesson on Temptation


Learning how to overcome temptations is very important for every Christian.

It is important for adults too, as we have tempting moments also, and we all must learn how to depend on God for the strength to stand strong.

A temptation is a strong urge to do something contrary to the word and will of God. A tempting thought or feeling is almost always followed by a totally different thought or feeling that is in direct contrast.

Some people call this their gut feeling or their conscience. I like to believe that it is the voice and spirit of our loving Father, giving us the ‘way out’ that He promised in His word.

It’s also good to know that whenever you are tempted, it will not be beyond your ability to say no or walk away because the Bible says that God will not let us be tempted beyond what we can bear or handle.

That puts this temptation concept in a whole new category. It means that we are genuinely able to overcome any temptation as long as we are totally surrendered to God, look for the escape door and actually take it.

End lesson.


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