11 Things You Can Do to Make a Kid’s Day

11 Things You Can Do To Make A Kid’s Day

When children walk into your ministry area, you should be the most exciting, most encouraging, most “want-to-be-around” person they encounter!

Here are a few things you can do to make a child’s day in your KidMin:

  • Smile at them and let your eyes light up when you see them
  • Look them in the eyes when you talk with them
  • Talk TO and WITH them…not DOWN at them
  • Be super interested in any news they share with you (remember: it’s a big deal to have a loose or missing tooth, a new haircut, new shoes, a new stuffed animal, etc.)
  • Notice and point out their shoes—trust me on this one
  • Shake their hand—they think this is very grown-up
  • Engage in any activity they are doing and have fun while doing it
  • Publicly “catch” them behaving during class and compliment them
  • Always call any prizes you are going to give away “mine” and “my,” as in: who is going to win “my candy bar”?
  • If they tell you sad news, pray with them…right then and there
  • Offer to thumb-wrestle any of them for a best two out of three

The list is incomplete…obviously!

What would you add to it?

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