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How to Explain the Holy Trinity to a Child: 3 Important Teaching Tips

2. Understanding Is Key.

Even though we want to leave room for mystery, we have to do our best to help kids understand their faith. We must let them know that although we don’t fully understand the Trinity ourselves, we can grow in our understanding. And we should grow in our understanding.

3. God Is Three in One.

We need to be careful that we paint a picture for kids of a God who is three and a God who is one. Through this we understand the submission and community God has in himself. This is important to understand because for God to be a God of love, he has to have an object to love.

When we misunderstand the Trinity and see God as one but not three, he needs an object of love and that object is us. It’s important to understand that God made us not because he needed an object to love but as the overflow of the love and community he has (and has always had) with himself.

This matters because it defines for us who is the center of our proverbial and literal universe. When we see God as needing us, we place ourselves at the center. When we see that God created us out of the overflow of the completeness in himself and as a by-product of that relationship, we find rest and an invitation to what Paul says is “truly life.”

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