How to Make Faith in God a Family Affair


Read together: Exodus, chapters 3 & 4, or find the story of Moses in a children’s Bible.

Think about a jigsaw puzzle. You don’t complete an entire puzzle at once, but piece by piece. You examine each part and focus on one area at a time. The edge pieces create the frame, while similar colors fit together. The top of the box acts as a reference, showing the whole picture and the final goal. And God works like that, too. He doesn’t give us a cross-country map, but step-by-step instructions. Sometimes He shows us the big picture, and other times, just enough so we know what to do with the pieces in our hand.

If God showed Moses the big picture, Moses would never have known how to go from baby-sitting sheep in the wilderness to leading a nation to the Promised Land. Yet, his shepherd skills trained him to baby-sit the Israelite “sheep” wandering the desert all those years. God’s perfect method guided Moses from a burning bush to negotiating with Pharaoh, and all the way to the revealing of His glory.

Look up this verse: Proverbs 3:5-6

Pray about it: Ask God for guidance and wisdom each day—and maybe even to see the divine “big picture” of the plans and purposes for each member of our family!

Family time!
Find a jigsaw puzzle or a puzzle game on the computer and work on it together. Talk about how God shows us His plan piece-by-piece!


Being a follower of Christ is not always easy. Jesus told this story:
Read together: Matthew 13:1-9 & 18-23

  • Is your heart like any of the seeds in this story?
  • What seed do you want your heart to be like?

Look up this verse: John 6:35

Pray about it: Thank God for providing all our needs, and ask Him to continue helping each of us grow strong in our faith.

Family time!
Buy a small plant, or plant some seeds in a pot (Target usually has them in the dollar spot). The whole family works together to care for the plant this week.

Answer these questions:

  • What happens if the plant does not get enough water or sun?
  • What things are like water and sun for our hearts?
  • Who cares for us like we care for the plant?