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Top Pick for Easter at Home 2020: Easterrific Faith Adventure

Easter at Home

Every Easter, Christian parents have an amazing opportunity to pass to their children the very heartbeat of our faith—teaching them about Jesus’ sacrifice for us, His death on the Cross, and His resurrection. And that is especially true for Easter at Home this year.

If our children can grasp this amazing, mind-blowing part of the Gospel, it has the power to lay a rock solid foundation of faith for them. Jesus overcoming death and rising from the dead is everything! Without the resurrection, we wouldn’t have a living Savior!

It’s easy to put together an Easter basket with bunnies, candy, and eggs and have it ready for our kids when they get up on Easter morning.

However, it’s a little more difficult to engage them in activities that can help bring the truths of Easter to life.

That is exactly why I have created this colorful, action-packed resource for Easter at Home—to provide parents with fun, easy-to-do activities that create meaningful connections with each other and memorable encounters with Jesus.

In this exciting resource, geared specifically toward families with kids from kindergarten through fourth grade, you will find 24 cards. Each card has a mission to complete and a question to discuss.

I know how chaotic life is, so I’ve made all of the challenges as easy as possible for busy families. But at the same time there’s enough depth in these activity cards to help the families stay focused on Jesus in the weeks leading up to Easter.

On the back of every card is a puzzle piece. Once a family completes an activity, they can place the piece in its relevant position. By the end of the Easter season, they will have completed a spring-themed puzzle!

I have packaged this resource as an all-inclusive kit specifically for children’s pastors, family pastors, and nextgen pastors—making sure you get everything you need to offer Easterrific Faith Adventures for Easter at Home to the families in your church and community.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the kit:

  • Action Cards (ready-to-print PDF)

  • Action Cards (edit and make your own Publisher file)

  • Action Cards (edit and make your own Word file)

  • Envelope design (ready-to-print PDF)

  • Detailed instructions (for ministry leaders)

  • Instructions (for parents)

  • Promo graphics

  • Easterrific Faith Adventures logo (transparent PNG)

  • Fonts

The $25 license gives you permission (and all the files) to edit, translate, and print as many copies of this resource as you want for as long as you need to.

I guess, I should also add that once the families complete the puzzle, they’ll have one final mission—to find 21 hidden objects.

The Answer Key is also included in the all-inclusive kit.

If for one reason or another your church currently cannot afford the $25 license fee, but you you would like to offer the Easterrific Faith Adventures to the parents in your congregation, press the button below and pay what you can.

Also, if you’re a parent who wants to use this resource just within your family, this is a great option for you too.

This article about our top pick for Easter at Home originally appeared here.