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Millennial Parents: 7 Ways to Reach Young Families Today

6. Develop disciples who disciple.

Most millennial parents want to know what God has called them to do. We can’t just tell them, “This is what the Bible says….” We also must provide opportunities to develop, learn, and implement those skills. In turn, families want to share what they’ve learned with others who may not be as far along in the process.

Millennial parents want to make an impact and teach the next group of families coming up behind them. The young families behind them desire the same thing. The last thing most millennial parents want is someone who’s 20 years older describing how they did something years ago.

7. Develop an appreciation for technology.

As a church, we should embrace advances in communication and technology. Millennial parents stay informed about the latest church and children’s ministry events because they’re plugged in. Social media and apps keep this generation in constant contact with the world around them.

Although social networking has many pitfalls, it also offers benefits. Keeping the church in front of millennial parents through social media is essential for outreach and involvement.