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Free Resources for Children's Ministry Leaders

Free Kids’ Series: “Lead and Follow”

Are you a follower or a leader? Did you know you’re a little bit of both?

Free Kids’ Lesson Package: “Animal Safari” Lesson

If we don't control our pride, we are in for a mighty fall.

Free Printable: “Ruth, Naomi and Boaz” Coloring Page

Download and print this coloring page to help teach your kids the biblical story of Ruth.

Free Printable: “What is Hope?” Devotions for Kids

Download and print these devotions to share with your Sunday School students.

Free Video Package: “By His Stripes”

Teach your kids about the forgiveness and healing we find in Christ.

Free Kids’ Lesson Package: “Honesty”

Kids will learn that a lie is a lie, no matter how 'small.'

Free Printable: “Think Before You Speak” Poster

Kids need to learn to "Think Before You Speak" in this "Say Anything" culture.

Free Printable: “Books of the Bible”

Download and print this colorful design to help teach your kids the books of the Bible.

Free Printable: Colossians Coloring Page

Download and print this coloring page to help teach your kids about the New Testament book of Colossians.

Free Kids’ Lesson Package: “Cooking With Jesus”

When we look to Jesus and follow his recipe for success, we are sure to cook up something amazing.

Free Kids’ Lesson Package: “Campfire Stories”

Kids will learn that when we stand up for God, he will stand up for us.

Free Printable: Philippians Coloring Page

The illustration shows several key ideas from the book of Philippians.

Free Kids’ Lesson Package: “At the Beach”

When it comes to our faith, we need to grow so we will no longer be tossed about.

Free Series Graphic: “Camps”

Spread the word about your upcoming church camps.

Free Kids’ Lesson Package: “Video Games”

Just as some games and game consoles are incompatible, some things are incompatible with being a Christian.

Free Series Graphic: “Noah”

Download this free graphic to support a sermon series about the life of Noah.

Free Curriculum Package: “Minecraft” VBS

Teach your kids to "be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power" with this VBS program.

Free Ministry Graphic: “Farm Background”

Farm background for children’s ministry—vector graphic.

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Free Resources for Children's Ministry Leaders