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How to Make a Church Pre-Service Video That People Love to Share

Like you, I’m always looking for new ideas that will make my church better. When I got the idea from Rich Birch’s podcast 5 Elements of Effective Pre-Service Video to make a countdown pre-service video for our services that shows our church in our city, I knew we had to do it.

It’s brilliant: Give guests a two-minute story of your church as they take their seats and they will likely be more predisposed to your church. And reinforce your church values with your congregation without a word, every week—that’s brilliant, too. Then see it spread across social media to attract the community? Priceless.

Watch our pre-service video, then I’ll break down how to make one of your own.

Six Steps to Making a Pre-Service Video about your Church

Cover every step of your pre-service video in prayer. Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. (Pr. 16:3)

1. Think through the purpose and goals.

Think through what is important about your church. What is your story for your city?

We wanted to show each of our campuses and their cities. We wanted to show what we value—our DNA. We decided to show the ministries of our church in the context of our DNA statements.

And importantly, we wanted to show that our church is more than a Sunday morning service. It’s alive all week long, all across our region. It’s a place to find meaning and value in Jesus.

Action: How do you want to tell the story of your church in your community?

2. Ask the person in your church who has experience making videos to do this project.

We have a very capable music and video producer, Joe Tran, in our church. He brought his experience to the project and you can see his talent in the video.

Find the best person you can and don’t be intimidated by others’ expertise. Be authentic and do your best.

Action: Who should you ask to do this project?