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Aberdeen Broadcast Services: Committed to The Word

Aberdeen Broadcast Services’ foundation was built upon the desire to serve Christian ministries by helping their message reach a broader audience. For nearly 20 years, we have maintained a team of transcribers, caption editors, and real-time captioners who are specially trained to deliver Christian captions at their best. You won’t find our team mixing up terms like Sarah and Sarai, prophet and profit, inequity and iniquity, tie and tithe, etc.

Aberdeen can confidently say that we are the leading captioning service provider for Christian programming – captioning over 20,000 hours of content a year. Here are some of the Christian programmers who have chosen Aberdeen as their closed-captioning provider:
• Creflo Dollar Ministries
• Daystar
• Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah
• The Urban Alternative
• Hillsong
• InTouch Ministries
• Joseph Prince Ministries
• Leading the Way with Dr. Michael Youssef
• Living Proof with Beth Moore
• Oral Roberts University
• Sonlife Broadcasting Network
• Trinity Broadcasting Network

Captioning Christian programming is not only our specialty, it’s our ministry. We also offer language translation & subtitling services, with projects completed in over 80 languages!

AberFast Station Delivery

Aberdeen also offers that last-logistical link between post-production and the broadcast outlet. Our station-specific workflows, video & audio QC/correction, produce custom transcoded files that are sure to pass all worldwide broadcast standards – currently partnered with 800+ stations.

Here’s our President, Matt Cook, on how our additional services, like AberFast, are born out of our client’s needs and our dedication to one of our company values: to be solution driven.