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Maximize Your Church Communication With Modern Digital Signage

3. Leverage Content From Your Social Media.

If you are already using Facebook and Instagram to post content, you can reuse that content easily on your digital signs. Just connect your social media account, and let the platform do the rest. Automatically pull in new posts and generate visualization on your screens.

Another way to involve your congregation and use their help in posting content is to create a #hashtag for your church group. When someone in your community is posting pictures of events or projects related to the church, they can use the designated hashtag on their post. They will automatically post the images onto your screens for everyone else to see and enjoy.

4. Collaborate With Others to Update Your Signs.

There are a few solutions to help you collaborate with others to update your modern digital signage and to keep your community involved. Use Google Slides, Drop Box, Google Drives, One drive and other solutions to simply give access to your congregation to collaborate, update content, and to improve communications.

Imagine if someone in your community has a sick family member and is looking to help speed up the healing process by asking other members of community for prayers. Now imagine if they can do that by just posting one image on the google slides from their home.

As the modern digital signage administrator, you just need to put the Google Slides or other apps on to your signs once. When changes are made on the Slides, your digital signs will be automatically updated. You can also mix Google Slides with your other normal image, video, and social media content in your playlist. This way, your content collaborator can contribute to the slides design without having to log in or learn other tools.