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Maximize Your Church Communication With Modern Digital Signage

5. Automatically Stream Your Live Events to Your Screens.

With Covid-19 social distancing, it might be common that your main hall is full and you need to utilize overflow rooms. You are already streaming your content over the internet through services such as livestream.com, YouTube Live and Facebook Live. Why not schedule the livestream event to automatically run on your overflow room’s screens at the same time? 

6. Use QR Codes.

Here are a few ways you can use QR Codes on signs in your churches:

Follow your Social Media. You can have QR Codes set up so folks can scan to follow your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media.

Connect to your WiFi. No more writing a password on a piece of paper, whiteboard, etc. You can set up a QR Code so users can scan to be connected to WiFi.

Give more info, maps, details. You can have your users scan the QR Code to be routed to Google Maps to learn more about a location referenced on your sign or to a webpage to learn more.

Share feedback. QR Codes can be set up to pre-fill an SMS text message or email with some information, making it easy for you to collect feedback.

There are many other ways to get creative and use a digital signage solution as your full-time assistant, to help make your day to day work much easier. You’ll be able to communicate your messages in a beautiful visual format that helps your community be more involved and to make your messages more memorable.