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8 Texting Rules You Should Know

Texting Rules

Yes, there are some texting rules. There are many common misconceptions, things that people think or assume are true. Here are four familiar ones.

  • Fortune Cookies come from China.
  • Microwaves cook from the inside out.
  • The Polka is a Polish style of music and dance.
  • There are no rules for texting.

All four are wrong.

  • Fortune Cookies were invented in Japan during the 19th century.
  • Microwaves only penetrate 3⁄8 of an inch, it cooks from the outside-in.
  • Polkas originated around 1800 in Czechoslovakia, which is now the Czech Republic.
  • Yes, there are some good rules of the digital highway for texting.

Here are my favorite, elite 8 texting rules.

8 Texting Rules You Should Know

Rule 1 – Emojis

Like salt, sprinkle them, but consider the context. I wouldn’t use a kiss emoji to small group leaders. But a single smiley face or heart can let someone know your message is lighthearted.

Rule 2 – Punctuation

Texts don’t need to pass spelling or grammar checking. Don’t overuse question marks or exclamation points. Don’t end your text with a period, you’re better off using no punctuation at all.

Rule 3 – Fewer Messages

The worst thing

Is when

You send

16 texts

In 30 seconds

Even reading this is annoying, wasn’t it? Everyone will thank you.

Rule 4 – Fewer Words

Related to Rule 3, use as few words as possible, but be certain to keep the message intact. Try 5 words instead of 7.