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When Churches Making Movie Outnumbered Hollywood

Churches Making Movies – Now

With the COVID-19 virus, when Hollywood is virtually shut down, the Church is ramping up media production to the highest levels in history. From live streaming worship services, to producing short videos, to impromptu Facebook and Instagram videos, webinars, and more – churches and ministry organizations across the country are answering the call to reach out and connect through media.

I’ve spent so much of my career trying to convince pastors and ministry leaders of the importance of media, that I can’t describe how gratifying it is to see them responding to the crisis in such huge numbers. Right now I can look out my home office window and see where Walt Disney Studios, Universal Studios, and other film studios used to sit silent. But at the same time, I’m seeing churches and ministries raising the standard.


This article on churches making movies originally appeared here, and is used by permission.