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Why I Still Prefer Email Over Text

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It’s no secret that we live in a world of instant gratification, where communication constantly evolves. These days, people tend to communicate via text messages, social media, phone calls, video chats, and DMs. With all these options at our disposal, it might seem strange that I still prefer email as my primary means of communication. But believe me when I say I’ve thought deeply about this (and even prayed about it!), and there are many reasons why I like it best.

Why I Still Prefer Email Over Text

1. Emails are more thoughtful and intentional

Text messages can be sent quickly, and thoughts can be abbreviated or incomplete. Social media is filled with distractions and interruptions. Phone calls are great but not always possible, and oftentimes don’t allow for the same level of reflection that emails do. Conversely, email allows me to pause, reflect, and compose my thoughts before sending them off. It also allows for more thorough and detailed communication with fewer misunderstandings.

2. Email communication leaves a paper trail

When I want to reference an email from someone or send a reminder to someone about a previous conversation, I can always go back and look it up. I usually need that trail of communication because I am in several conversations simultaneously. Looking back and seeing what we said and agreed upon is helpful. Context is king! Email provides that; I cannot say the same for text messages, which can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of endless notifications. This is especially important when communicating with clients, coworkers, or vendors. It’s much easier to keep track of deadlines, agreements, and transactions when they can be referenced later.