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The Geek’s Real Christmas List

The Geeks Real Christmas List

It is hard to believe the holiday season is in full swing. Ministry and family life are colliding. The last thing you need is a long article. My gift to you this season is a short list to help all those who serve in tech ministries truly celebrate the season. It’s the Geek’s Real Christmas List. 🙂

  1. Put your phone down. Don’t gather together with family and friends and stare at your phones. You can do that from the comfort of your own home without getting out of bed or doing your hair. Put. Your. Phone. Down.
  2. Disconnect. Serve hard reaching as many people with the good news of Christmas in as many creative ways as possible. When it is over, disconnect, step aside, and focus ministering to your family and friends. Ministering to them is different, but just as important.
  3. Celebrate the birth that makes this all possible. Obvious, yes, but do you? Do we? How?
  4. Talk to your family. Even if you aren’t all staring at your phones when gathered together, often times the conversation is all about things to avoid, religion, politics, etc. Instead, focus on ministering to those you don’t see very often by taking a keen interest in them. Love your family and friends with the kind of love Christ had to come and be born of a virgin. Here’s a hint: awkward silence isn’t it.
  5. Pick up your Bible. If nothing else spend some time reading the Christmas Story, and not the one that starts with “Twas the night before….” I’m talking about the one that starts, “Now in those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus…” (Luke 2) Maybe after Christmas, you need to consider a New Year’s goal or resolution to spend more time in the Word.
  6. Don’t worry about work and ministry. Jesus was born of a virgin fulfilling centuries of prophecy. He’s got this.
  7. Tell people you appreciate them and what they do. Don’t assume they know. Some intentional, verbal encouragement might be the best gift you can give. You know, the old-fashioned way.
  8. Go ahead, have another piece of pie. It’s ok. Let loose a little and de-stress a bit.
  9. Don’t overcomplicate things. Enjoy the season as opposed to dreading the celebratory details. Many times the holidays are stressful because our productions are too complex and our family gatherings are even more complex. Gather for joy, not for death by details
  10. Remember in all that Jesus is the reason. Celebrate and enjoy but make sure all those you encounter know Jesus was born and that’s why we work hard, serve hard, and celebrate hard.

Merry Christmas!


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Jonathan Smith is the Director of Technology at Faith Ministries in Lafayette, IN and the President of MBS, Inc. He is an author and frequent conference speaker. You can reach Jonathan at jsmith@faithlafayette.org and follow him on Twitter @JonathanESmith.