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Is the Church Being Taken Over by Success-Seeking Pastors?

Renoe points to Tim Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian in New York City as one church leader who’s doing it well.

Keller could easily seize the preaching control and install giant screens to do the preaching, but instead he has chosen to raise up new, younger pastors to fill his shoes when he moves on. Personally, as someone who has seven years (and counting) of theological and biblical training and education, and about the same amount of time in practice, I can count on one finger the number of times I have been asked to preach to a pastor’s congregation.

Greear offers this advice to senior pastors:

Our attitude toward power should always be, “I will serve in this role until someone better comes along.” Always. Don’t get caught up asking, in fear, “What will happen to me if I raise up this other leader?” After all, people don’t usually look to those who empower new leaders and think, “Well, that person is dispensable.” Empowering others isn’t self-sabotage; it’s wise.

And he suggests pastors look for two or three others who they can invest in “hoping that they will one day excel, replace or surpass you.”

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