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Jesse Duplantis Claims Donations Can Speed the Return of Christ

Participating in a “Victorython” fundraiser for Kenneth Copeland’s ministry, right-wing pastor Jesse Duplantis brags about being a multi-millionaire with his own private plane while telling viewers that they can “speed up” the return of Christ by donating.

Copeland explains that his private jet keeps him safe from the Mark of the Beast.

In another panel discussion at the VICTORYthon event, Kenneth Copeland explained why he and other leaders in traveling ministries require private jets. He declared, “The time has come for ministries, particularly traveling ministries, to have some other method of travel other than the airlines.”

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Copeland went on to explain that the vaccination requirements imposed by airlines were reason enough to justify private jets. He said, “Well, to me, that’s the Mark of the Beast.” These comments appear to be a reversal from Copeland’s prayer of judgment on COVID-19, which came 18 months ago. In that prayer, Copeland demanded that God provide a vaccination immediately.

Duplantis had also defended his owning of a jet in the previous panel, saying that his critics “can have it the day after the rapture.”

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