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‘Sure. I’ll Be Saved. Why Not?’: Elon Musk Discusses His Work, Life, and Faith With the Babylon Bee

“We want to have an exciting, inspiring future. And one where we are a spacefaring civilization…is a much more exciting and inspiring future than one where we are forever confined to earth,” Musk said. 

“If we are a multi-planet species, it’s like life insurance for life itself,” Musk continued. “Not just for humans but for all the creatures on earth. Because we’ll bring them with us. And they can’t build space ships,” Musk continued. “So we are, in effect, the steward of life.” 

“It’s probably a dangerous analogy to use, but it’s a bit like Noah’s ark—but, you know, we’d bring more than two of every creature, because it’s a little incestuous, frankly,” Musk said. “And did [Noah] hate the dinosaurs? Like, why was it like, ‘F you’ to the dinosaurs?”

In a rapid fire question segment of the podcast, Mann and Nicolle asked Musk more distinctly theological questions, which they ask to all their guests. 

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The pair first asked whether Musk was more of a Calvinist or Arminian. After some confusion over the distinction between Arminianism and a person who is from Armenia, Musk said, “My mind would say ‘determinism,’ and my heart says ‘free will.’”

“When I grew up, funnily enough, I went to Anglican Sunday school—the Church of England, basically. But I was also sent to Hebrew preschool, although I’m not Jewish,” said Musk. “Nonetheless, I was singing ‘Hava Nagila’ one day and ‘Jesus our Lord’ the next.”

“You know, it was fine if you’re a kid. And Santa Claus,” Musk added. 

Mann then asked Musk what book he would add to the Bible. After a pause, Musk replied, “Maybe we can have a chapter past Revelations. Like is there a happy ending here?”

“When I was a kid, I had this existential crisis, and I was trying to figure out what’s the meaning of life. And was like, ‘It all means nothing.’ And I read like a whole bunch of religious books, including the Bible,” Musk said. “And I’m like, ‘There’s a whole bunch of things in there they didn’t teach you in Sunday school.”