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Ed Stetzer Asks Pastors To Share Their Most Embarrassing Wedding Mistakes; The Responses Are Hilarious

“The couple asked if they could stash their honeymoon luggage in my trunk until their getaway car arrived. When it was time to go, I realized I’d locked my keys in my car. All the guests left while we waited for the locksmith for over an hour. I waved alone as they drove off.”

“Moments before walking out with the groom, I jokingly said “This is your last chance to get out of this”…and I turned around to see him walking out the side door and he never returned. I have never made that joke again!”

“At the 1st wedding I officiated (was a college pastor) I tried to lighten the mood and made a bad joke. I literally said ‘If you think a wedding is expensive, you should consider the cost of a divorce.’”

“I dropped the rings and they rolled under the bride’s dress,” someone wrote. The pastor’s wife chimed in and corrected her husband, saying, “Actually you placed them on your open Bible and they slid off and rolled under the bride’s dress. An important detail that could potentially save a young pastor.”

“Accidentally saying as we gather together for this funeral. No joke it happened.”

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“Was asked to keep the ceremony short and I did, kept it too short. Guests were still arriving when I was done. Oops.”

“At the rehearsal dinner, I learned that the groom’s father was called by the wrong name at his own wedding ceremony years before. They were clearly not over it. The next day, at the wedding, I accidentally called their son by the wrong name. His parents were not pleased.”

“Seconds before I walk out, someone from the venue tells me they added a unity candle. This was not planned. When I awkwardly introduce it the bride looks at me surprised and says to the congregation, ‘Anyone got a lighter?’ Upon lighting the candle the bride’s hair caught fire.”

“The treasurer at my first pastorate was married to his bride by a former pastor. 12 years after the ceremony, the custodian happened to open the piano bench while cleaning and discovered their marriage license that had never been sent to the court thus invalidating the marriage.”

“I’m a pastors wife so I’m telling on my husband. (He has a good sense of humor) About 20 years ago, my husband was doing a wedding. VERY shortly after the wedding he must have forgot to turn off his mic to his headpiece because all of a sudden I hear. ‘I really have to pee.”

“Getting ready to exchange the rings on my folder with my papers at this beach wedding overlooked the ocean behind a seawall that anything went over would have been in deep water. A gust of wind knocked my folder from my hand the rings began to roll. Best man saved them.”

“I completely skipped the rings. I looked up from my notes to address the congregation and when I looked back at the notes I accidentally resumed the ceremony AFTER the ring portion and never realized it. At the end, after I said ‘You may kiss your bride,’ the bride’s mother was frantically signaling to me from the front row that I forgot the rings. So after they kissed, I said, ‘Now what token have you brought as a symbol of this covenant?’ It was an epic but weird recovery and everyone took it in stride.”

“I didn’t screen the couples wedding program. In it were several cuss words and they encouraged people to go to the reception and get drunk.”

“‘We will now consummate this wedding’…Yep no lie, once I realized what I said, I could not stop laughing! Show stopper!! Fortunately, it was 25 years ago.”

“I decided to use the same word doc of the format of the sermon of a previous wedding. However I forgot to update the brides name from the previous wedding to the current wedding. At the end I pronounced the groom and the name of a strange woman married instead of the bride!!”

“One couple wanted communion to be their first act as husband and wife. A great plan—until I set out bread but left the juice in the fridge. The bride and groom took bread, then both picked up the cup…and kindly ‘drank’ and carried on like nothing was wrong.”