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Ed Stetzer Asks Pastors To Share Their Most Embarrassing Wedding Mistakes; The Responses Are Hilarious

“I drove 1.5 hours the wrong way to the wedding venue. I had back to back weekends of officiating. The wedding venue I put into Apple Maps was the venue I went to the previous weekend. Thankfully I left insanely early and made it on time.”

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“The bride was on a very limited budget and wanted to color coordinate everything, so she spray painted all of the candles to match. As they burned down the fumes became toxic and the bridal party started dropping like dominos. The groom dropped to his seat right in the middle of the ceremony and put his head between his knees so he wouldn’t pass it out. They had to stop the ceremony, blow all of the candles out, open windows to air the church out and start all over.”

“I once failed to realize that the state of Pennsylvania requires a three-day waiting period between the application for a marriage license and the wedding. The couple acquired the license the day before the wedding. The license was returned to me by the county, stating the couple was not officially married, yet at this point they were already past the honeymoon. I officiated another ‘ceremony’ via Skype. So the state says they have one anniversary; they hold to another.”

“I was picking at a groom before we walked out on the stage. I told him if he wanted to leave now I would give him gas money to get to out of state. Someone opened the door and told me the mic I had in was hot. Mother of Bride was not amused.”

“My fly was open. Seriously. The father on front row couldn’t get my attention.”

“While I was officiating a wedding I had a time of prayer after a short message about biblical marriage. During the prayer I meant to say ‘Lord please bless this marriage.’ However, ‘message’ started to come out instead of marriage so I stopped myself from finishing my sentence. Unfortunately, it came out as ‘Lord, please bless this mess.’”

“In reading from Genesis 2, I had a slip of the tongue at a wedding a couple years back, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and money and be united to his wife.’ There was a brief pause, and then the audience erupted in laughter. The groom was a friend. He’ll never let me live it down.”

“I was officiating an out door wedding on the beach off Lake Michigan. When it came time for the exchanging of rings I fumbled the bride’s ring when the best man handed it to me. I dropped the ring in the sand and it got buried. I couldn’t find it. I was sweating and crying inside. The groom and best man and myself started picking up handfuls of sand in attempt to locate ‘the ring.’ After about 5 minutes, the groom found it. What God has joined together, let no man or pastor separate.”