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Ed Stetzer Asks Pastors To Share Their Most Embarrassing Wedding Mistakes; The Responses Are Hilarious

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Outreach Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Ed Stetzer, recently asked pastors to share their most embarrassing wedding mistakes. The question invoked over 700 responses between his Twitter and Facebook pages.

“In one of my early weddings, I forgot to have the bride and groom kiss,” Stetzer said. “They assumed that protestants did not do that, as they were both raise Catholic, and just went on with it.”

Some of the most common responses Stetzer received were pastors forgetting to sit the congregation after the ceremony started, addressing the husband and wife by the wrong names, and accidentally dropping the wedding rings.

One person wrote that he was recently asked to officiate his first wedding and said that “these comments are now an invaluable resource.” A wedding coordinator wrote, “As a wedding coordinator, I am so excited about this thread.”

Below are some of the the responses that one person called the “best thing I’ve read on Facebook for years.” Beth Moore said, “These are so hilarious.”

Pastors’ Most Embarrassing Wedding Mistakes

“Ed, I trusted the mother of the bride to turn in the marriage license after my first marriage ceremony. Needless to say, it never got turned in. A furious bride called me almost a year later when they were filing their taxes only to realize they were not legally married. Ouch. No one but me turns those in now…”

“Right before the ceremony the groom told me where they were going for the honeymoon. I proceeded to mention where they were going during the wedding ceremony. The groom and his family gasped as the destination was supposed to be a complete surprise for the bride.”

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“I had a little air bubble—not a full spitty goober, just a delicate little bubble—leave my mouth and land right on the brides cleavage. She knew it, I knew it, so I turned to speak to the groom and pretended it didn’t happen.”

“Did a wedding on a beach. Couple wanted me to wear my robe. The ocean breeze caused my robe to billow, and a whole bunch of seagulls landed right behind me and squawked at me. I think they thought I was a giant bird. Nobody heard a word.”

“The bride and groom wanted to stand on the stage facing the guests so I stood on the floor with my back to the audience…and at some point in the ceremony ripped my pants.”

“My very first wedding, I said to the bride, ‘Place your fing on his ringer.’ It was pretty embarrassing.”

“As Customary, I charged all to rise as the bride made her way down the aisle. When she reached the altar, standing before her to be husband and a silenced onlooking crowd, I said, ‘Everyone Please S*it’”

“While praying for the couple, I intended to state ‘Lord, they have prayed all their life to find someone for a mate.’ Instead, I prayed, ‘Lord, they have prayed all their life to find someone to mate.’”

“First wedding years ago. Had everyone stand as the bride entered. Forgot to sit them down. They stood the whole wedding. My senior pastor tried to signal me to seat them. I thought he was encouraging me. To this day, 30 years later, I have ‘Please be seated’ printed at top.”

“I said, ‘Who presents this man to be married to this man?’ The bride’s eyes, and her dad’s eyes, popped out. It was then that I caught it. Oh, I forgot to mention that this was also the same day that gay marriage was legalized across the USA.”