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Easter Holiday Bus Crash in Eastern Zimbabwe Takes 35 Lives

Bus Crash
Photo via Unsplash.com @Aaron Burden

MUTARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — A bus carrying worshipers traveling to an Easter pilgrimage in mountainous eastern Zimbabwe plunged into a gorge, killing 35 people in the early hours of Friday.

The bus was overloaded with 106 passengers and veered off the winding road near Chimanimani and hurtled into a deep ravine, police said. The crash happened near the Chipinge district of Zimbabwe‘s eastern Manicaland province, state broadcaster ZBC reported.

The bus was carrying members of the Zion Christian Church, a local denomination known for holding regular pilgrimages attended by thousands of people.

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Bus accidents are frequent in the southern African country, where some drivers overload their vehicles and exceed the speed limit. The poor condition of Zimbabwe’s roads has also been blamed for contributing to crashes.

Zimbabwe’s roads are particularly busy during the Easter period which is a major holiday in this largely Christian country as people embark on hazardous trips in dilapidated buses and trucks to gather for days.

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