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Not a Shell Game: Beach Baptism Opens Door for Public Witness

A slew of bad decisions into adulthood placed Mike in bad company, he told Laughter. “I have done the time for the things that I have done. However, I am an important man to the wrong people,” he said.

Laughter took it as an opportunity to share the availability of a different path.

“Your past nor your appearance scare me, Mike,” he said. “God told me to speak to you and tell you that He sees you! He loves you.”

Laughter shared the Gospel, and in the following moments, he said, “a hard man became a broken man. A lost man became found by the Father. He held me close as tears streamed down his face. He thanked me, held me and told me that he would never forget this moment.”

Laughter then removed the seashells from his pocket.

“Mike, these are meant for you!” he said. “Place these in your pocket to remind yourself about what God did for you today! Every time you doubt, let these shells be a reminder and an altar for you.”

God will provide a way out of any situation, Laughter told him.

“He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will walk through it with you,” he said. Laughter’s only request for Mike at that point was for him to return to his family and tell them what Jesus had just done, because he could become the vessel God used to lead his family to Jesus.

“We hugged. He cried. He looked at his shells, and he left for his family,” Laughter said. “He left a changed man and a new creation in Christ.”

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