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Teenagers Sharing the Gospel: 21 Ways Kids Can Evangelize

teenagers sharing the gospel

At Dare 2 Share, we call The Great Commission “The Cause.” We renamed it because Christian teenagers seemed to have no idea what the biblical term meant. Because teenagers are into causes, it seemed fitting to rename The Great Commission. The Cause makes telling others about the Gospel more relevant for this generation. When it comes to teenagers sharing the Gospel, the ideas are boundless.

Here are a few evangelism ideas that kids in your youth group and their families can try:

21 Ideas for Teenagers Sharing the Gospel

1. Take someone to church with you. Go to lunch afterward and ask how they felt about the sermon (then dive in!).

2. Write someone a letter that gently segues to the gospel. Ask them what they thought about the letter later.

3. Invite neighbors to your home Bible study. Then love them into the kingdom.

4. Give someone a Life in 6 Words book. Be sure to follow up with a conversation.

5. Give someone a Life Book. Again, remember to follow up with a conversation.

6. Initiate a conversation with people you sit next to on the bus, plane, etc.

7. When you pray before a meal in a restaurant, ask a waiter how you can pray for them. Also tip big and leave a gospel tract.

8. Forward the Life in 6 Words video to a friend. Afterward, follow up by asking, “What did you think of the video?”

9. Get to know a barista. Ask how you can pray for them. When they have time to chat, tie in the gospel message.

10. Go to a park. Engage other people in conversation and tie in where you attend church or youth group.

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