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Newly Released Footage Shows Pastor Charged With Capital Sexual Battery Denying Allegations, Praying During Interrogation

“That’s not true, not by me,” Dyal said. “And if it was, you’ll have to tell me who.” 

The detective replied, “Well, it was you.”

“I deny any sexual abuse with anybody, at any time—young, old, or otherwise,” Dyal went on to say. 

“We have another person that came forward as well, saying you sexually abused her while…in the bathroom,” the detective later informed Dyal. 

“In the bathroom,” Dyal echoed. 

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Dyal later told detectives he would need an attorney if “you’ve got people saying this.”

At one point, Dyal was left alone in the interrogation room, and he could be seen praying and talking to himself.

“[I’m] 78 years old and having to go through such as this. I’ve served God. I’ve served you honorably, Lord. Not perfectly, but honorably,” Dyal prayed with his hands crossed and feet propped up on a chair. “Well, it all ended in shame. I guess that’s how it’s being. Just amazing.” 

Later in the video, detectives placed Dyal in handcuffs and informed him that he would be arrested and charged with sexual battery. 

“You are being arrested tonight,” the detective informed Dyal, to which he replied, “I figured as much.” 

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Dyal is being held without bond, and he is scheduled to appear in court again on February 28. Teschendorf and Williamson are also still being held at Duval County Jail.