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‘That’s the Thing With Down Syndrome. It’s a Joy’—Christian Artist Rachael Lampa Opens Up About Son With Special Needs

Rachael Lampa
Rachael Lampa at the 2023 K-Love Fan Awards — Photo credit: Jesse T. Jackson

Known especially for her songs “Blessed” and the now award-winning, “Perfectly Loved,” Rachael Lampa recently opened up about her roles as a mom, Christian artist, and advocate for those with Down syndrome. Her infant son, Leo, has Down syndrome and has ignited a love and passion in the recording artist.

“I was at a writing retreat recently. And I was writing about Leo, and he was staring up at the trees,” Lampa shared with Christian Headlines. “He always looks up. And so in my head, I was just thinking, ‘There’s nothing down about you.’ He’s always making us look up. That’s the thing with Down syndrome. It’s joy. It’s ‘right here-ness’ all the time.”

Rachael Lampa Shared Son Has ‘A Whole World Inside of Him’

Lampa and her husband, Brendan McCarthy, have two boys: Jackson (age 6) and Leo (age 8 months).

“Happy World Down Syndrome Day! It’s 3.21, which stands for Trisomy 21, which means 3 copies of the 21st chromosome, which means, Down Syndrome,” Lampa recently posted.

“My little Leo has a whole wide world inside of him, and it is my prayer that the whole wide world will take the chance to see HIM for all he is,” Lampa continued.

The award-winning artist opened up about her experience as a mom. “I have spent the past few months becoming part of a beautiful community of people who love, advocate for, and celebrate individuals with Down syndrome,” she said.

Lampa shared her hope for the future, saying, “And I will spend a lifetime learning how to better advocate for, love and celebrate them. Leo, I can’t believe I get a front row seat to YOU… happy day, little love, and to all of the families and communities blessed with an amazing extra chromosome-carrier!”


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With nearly 4,000 views, Lampa’s post is reaching fans and parents around the world. One mom shared her own experience. “My little son Matthew is 26 and has Down syndrome,” she said. “He has always been such a blessing (even in middle and high school when I had to pick him up from school for being naughty lol).”

Another shared, “Absolutely precious baby!! So cute!! One of my favorites is Psalm 139:13-18. Baby Leo is fearfully and wonderfully made and is ‘perfectly loved’ not only by his family and friends but by God❤️.”

Healing Inspired Lampa’s Award-Winning Comeback Song ‘Perfectly Loved’

At the recent K-LOVE Fan Awards, Lampa won the Breakout Single award for her song, “Perfectly Loved,” which features TobyMac. The emotional lyrics capture her own healing journey after a 10-year break from recording her own music. The song was also inspired by women at a local prison where Lampa serves. The lyrics read in part:

Who said that you weren’t beautiful
And that you didn’t belong in your own skin?
Who said that you were all alone
And that you’re never gonna find love again?

So many little words, so many little lies
That have followed you all of your life
Looking for the truth, look into your eyes
And you’ll see it’s been there the whole time

Ooh, even when you were running
Even when you were hiding
Never been a moment that you were not perfectly loved

“Being able to share who God is to me and for it to resonate with others is so redeeming of the past 10-plus years of not doing music. And being able to do this all while spending sweet time with my babies and family and community, what a gift,” Lampa shared after receiving her award.