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Abraham Piper, Exvangelical Son of John Piper: ‘I’m Coming Out as Pro-Christian’

Abraham Piper
Screengrab via TikTok / @abrahampiper

Abraham Piper, son of author and theologian John Piper, is not afraid to speak out against fundamentalist Christianity and his conservative upbringing. This time, the avid TikToker with nearly 2 million followers, used a softer tone as he admitted to supporting Christianity.

“I think everyone should be a Christian,” Piper said, “if they want to be.”

Abraham Piper: ‘I’m More Pro-Christian Than I Used to Be’

Abraham Piper took to TikTok once again to clarify his stance on Christianity. The video, lasting a little over a minute, took viewers on an outside walk with the preacher’s kid as he shared his thoughts.

“I often hear around the internet that I am anti-Christian,” began Piper. “I’m not anti-Christian. I’ll show you.”

“I only ever say anything negative about evangelicalism, fundamentalism, or conservative Christianity,” Piper said, “three terms I use interchangeably because, for my purposes, they’re the same anyway.”

He continued with an analogy to cars, saying, “If a person hears me say something bad about conservative Christianity, and what they hear is that I’m against all Christianity, well, that’s like hearing someone criticize Jeep Renegades and thinking they’re anti-SUV.”

Piper explained how “most fundamentalist critics” are “anti every other way.” They’re “more anti-Christian than I am because they’re against almost all Christianity,” Piper continued. “They perceive their sect as the only way.”

He then used his car metaphor again: “If you think people should only buy Jeep Renegades, you’re more anti-SUV than people who think you should get whatever car you want.”

“I’m not anti-Christian, because I think you should be a Christian if you feel like it,” Piper went on to say.

He further reflected, “When I was an evangelical, I would sit down with people and try to get them to change their religion, become more like me.” Piper admitted, “I don’t do that anymore because I’m more pro-Christian than I used to be.”

Finally, Piper pointed out the countless evangelicals that he knows—and likes. “I like most people I meet, and I have met many evangelicals. I know so many conservative Christians, and I like most of them.” He continued, “I am pro those people. They’re lovely people who get off on some funky ideas.”

“And the more generous among them would say the same about me,” he concluded. “And, I find that to be a perfectly tolerable tension to live in.”

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