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Jim Caviezel: ‘I’m Still Jesus,’ but Trump Is ‘The New Moses’

“He saw ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ he saw ‘The Count of Monte Cristo,’” Caviezel said. 

Caviezel then remarked that two lines from the film were of particular significance to him. The first was, “God’s children are not for sale,” a statement that has become a battlecry among viewers. The second was, “When God tells you to do something, you don’t hesitate.” 

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“And $100 million later, here we are,” Caviezel said. Referencing anti-trafficking work, Caviezel said, “We have to do a lot more. And we gotta start with Donald Trump.”

Apparently caught off guard by Caviezel’s reference to the former president, Kilmeade asked, “What do you mean?”

“Well, he’s gotta be in there,” Caviezel replied, “because he’s gonna go after the traffickers.” 

In response, Kilmeade asked, “Do you think he understands that?”

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“We were with him last night,” Caviezel said. “This is the new Moses. I mean, I’m still Jesus, but he’s the new Moses: ‘Pharaoh, let my children go free.’”