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Man Allegedly Murders Church Food Pantry Volunteer Who Previously Sought To Feed Him

Marisol Berrios
Screengrab via WLS

Fifty-nine-year-old Chicago man Marvin Wells is being held without bail after he allegedly murdered Marisol Berrios, a church food pantry volunteer who had previously sought to feed him. 

Berrios, 53, was found dead in her home on Saturday, Sept. 2, having been beaten to death in a home invasion.

Prosecutors say Wells admitted that he killed Berrios early Saturday morning after learning she had just collected rent for her landlord, according to Chicago Sun-Times. Prosecutors further reported that Wells found the keys to a car belonging to Berrios’ sister in Berrios’ purse. 

After stealing and then crashing the vehicle, Wells was arrested, and police reported that he still had Berrios’ purse in his possession. Wells is facing multiple charges, including first-degree murder, home invasion, and armed robbery.

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Those close to Berrios recognized Wells as someone whom Berrios often helped. 

“When I saw his face, my heart was broken because this is someone she fed and even given money to. Marisol would say, ‘Honey, I know they are addicts. They just need a chance, and they just need something to do,’” friend Leatisha Bailey told WFLD.

“How do you so heinously hurt somebody that was so compassionate and giving and selfless,” said Bailey. “She would connect with ministries that would go all around the world and help people when disasters would happen.”

“I wish this didn’t happen,” Berrios’ sister, Patricia Berrios, told WLS. “She didn’t deserve it.”

Patricia likewise reported that Berrios had often helped Wells, adding, “Actually, fed him, as well. Like, just gave him food. But for him to do what he did has no name.”

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“We need her here. We needed her by us. She’s no longer here anymore because of that trash,” Patricia said.