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TGC Launches The Carson Center for Theological Renewal To Combat ‘Biblical Illiteracy’ and Foster ‘Spiritual Renewal’

The Carson Center
Screengrab via YouTube / The Gospel Coalition

On Tuesday (Sept. 26), The Gospel Coalition (TGC) announced the launch of The Carson Center for Theological Renewal, a new initiative aimed at battling biblical illiteracy to bring about spiritual renewal. 

In the announcement, TGC editor-in-chief Collin Hansen said that “while the internet offers unprecedented access to the Bible, many of the most widely used resources for studying God’s Word are unhelpful at best or heretical at worst.”

This new center, named in the honor of biblical scholar and TGC cofounder Don Carson, will seek to provide resources that keep Christians from falling into such error. 

“The Center helps Bible study leaders and small group facilitators teach God’s Word, so they can answer tough questions on the spot with a quick search on their smartphones,” Hansen wrote. 

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“At no cost to users, the Center publishes theological journals and scholarly books for pastors and theologians, no matter where they live,” Hansen continued. “For teachers who lack formal training, the Center provides free resources on hundreds of theological topics and every book of the Bible.”

“The Carson Center exists to foster spiritual renewal around the world by providing excellent theological resources for the whole church—for anyone called to teach, and anyone who wants to study the Bible,” the center’s web page reads. 

The Carson Center boasts 6,050 sermons, 450 courses, 266 theological essays, and 143 theological journal issues, all curated and available to access online for free. The site also offers a search feature for users looking to explore specific topics such as Old or New Testament studies and biblical theology and interpretation, as well as studies on the gospel, sin, and theology proper.

Additionally, The Carson Center has partnered with Crossway to provide a daily devotional and Bible reading plan. 

In his announcement, Hansen outlined three goals that the Carson Center will pursue in the coming years: create, curate, and cultivate. 

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“The Carson Center will produce and distribute a multi-resource, digital-first collection designed to serve church leaders around the world,” wrote Hansen, adding that the center will “collect and distribute a wide range of biblical and theological material.”