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Las Vegas Pastor Shot Dead Following Altercation With Neighbor

Nick Davi
Screengrab via KLAS

A Nevada pastor is dead following a fatal shooting on Friday, Dec. 29. Nick Davi, who served as Pastor of Operations at Grace Point Church in North Las Vegas, was shot following an altercation with a neighbor in his condominium complex. 

Following the altercation, Davi was taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries. Also taken to the hospital was an unidentified woman, believed to be Davi’s wife. Her injuries were not life threatening. 

Joe Junio, the woman who allegedly fired the shots, has been taken into custody and charged with open murder, attempted murder, child abuse and/or neglect, and discharging a firearm where a person might be endangered, according to KLAS.

The shooting took place around 3:30pm on Friday. 

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Jennifer Clark, who also lives in the complex, told KLAS, “There was a disagreement that had happened. I don’t think it was anything major, and obviously it turned into something much more major.”

“It’s a really unfortunate situation to have developed within a community that’s usually really quiet,” Clark added. “We’re hoping that our community can pull through, and we’re hoping for maybe some support, some counseling or something that can happen for the community. I know we’ll be looking into that.”

Jae Dino, another neighbor, said, “A lot of violence, it’s shocking. And I think we as citizens should be aware of that.”

“Nick was born and raised on eastern Long Island (NY) and graduated from Riverhead High School. He spent the next four years at the University of Tampa and earned a B.S. in Marine Science and Biology,” says Davi’s staff profile on Grace Point’s website. “Following college, Nick worked for 15 years with large-scale public aquariums in Florida, Mississippi, and Nevada.”

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Davi began attending Grace Point Church in 2006, and he came on staff at the church in 2014. He is survived by Sarah, his wife of 18 years, and their two children.