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Worship Pastor’s ‘Got Some Grit’ and Receives Golden Ticket on ‘American Idol’

Isaiah Case
Screengrab via Facebook / @American Idol

With a raw, guttural sound, Isaiah Case auditioned his original song and wowed the “American Idol” judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. While the news is still setting in, Case is headed to Hollywood, where he will continue in the competition.

“There’s proof that it happened, that it wasn’t a fever dream,” Case said.

Worship Pastor Isaiah Case Is Headed to Hollywood on ‘American Idol’

Case wrote the song, “What Could I Do,” with his dad, Perry, and little sister, Sophia, and chose it as his audition piece for Season 22 of “American Idol.”

The authentic lyrics share the heart behind wanting something more: “Money and girls and the things of this world / Got my foot caught in a trap / All of these things have a hold on my brain…”

And the chorus recognizes a turning point:

I’ve been living on my own time
I’ve been living with my own pride
I’ve been living in a world without You
I’ve been caught up in my own lie
Stepping off onto a landmine
Oh lord, what could I do?

Katy Perry exclaimed, “What a voice!” She noted how relatable the song is for all listeners. Everyone has had a moment of living in a way that needed change.

“You know, it’s funny,” Bryant said after Case’s audition. “We see worship leaders and most of the time they have a real smooth, very proper voice and you come out the gate with a lot of meat on that voice and you got a lot of character in that.”

With a unanimous vote, the judges gave Case a golden ticket and said he was headed to Hollywood.

Case is keeping his fans updated on Facebook, including sharing a post from “American Idol” celebrating his successful audition. The caption of the post reads, “This worship leader’s got some grit on him!”

The audition clip has gained support and comments from Case’s own fan page, but even more viewers from around the country interacted with the original post from the show.

One shared, “That voice of his is all whiskey, gravel and sunshine, I loved it!”

“Congrats to the Illinois boy!!” said another.

Isaiah Case watched his audition episode at a watch party held at his church, where he serves as the youth worship pastor. Leaders at First Christian Church in Jacksonville, Illinois, didn’t think twice about supporting Case and his endeavors. About 100 people came to watch the episode on the church’s large screens.