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2 Bodies Found Believed To Be the Remains of Pastor’s Wife and Friend; 4 Suspects Charged With Murder

When asked at a press conference on Monday whether there was any chance Kelley and Butler were still alive, Hunter McKee, the public information officer for OSBI, responded, “No.”

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Authorities also indicated that no other suspects are at large.

Butler had reportedly been in a custody dispute over her children, who had been living with Adams. In a court complaint obtained by the Christian Post, Adams opposed making any adjustments to Butler’s supervised visitation arrangement.

According to Adams, the children’s father is addicted to drugs and had removed himself from the children’s lives. However, Adams pointed out that the children’s father had left the children in her care, not Butler’s.

Adams further alleged that the children were safer in her care and that they had been exposed to sexual abuse under Butler’s care. 

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Adams and her three codefendants were booked at the Texas County Jail.