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IHOPKC To Undergo Major Reorganization Amid Financial Crisis Following Bickle Abuse Scandal, Leaked Audio Reveals

“In cases where there’s clergy abuse, where there’s allegations that are outstanding—when there’s now interest in having an investigation that goes back through all of our 24-year history to find cases where there’s been mishandling of abuse,” said Bennett, “those things will produce inevitably a contingent of individuals who are wanting to get restitution.”

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Bennett added, “And they’re not going to go knock on Mike’s door because, well, he probably won’t answer. But they’re not going to knock on Mike’s door because he doesn’t have any money. But IHOPKC has facilities.”

In an email to The Kansas City Star, IHOPKC attorney Audrey Manito stressed that IHOPKC is not being shuttered but will merely be reorganized. 

“In a word, IHOPKC is NOT closing,” Manito wrote. “To state the obvious, the last six months have been a test to the strengths and fortitude of our missions-based organization.”

Manito said that the reorganization will allow IHOPKC “to focus on our main mission, yet deal with the realities of finance.”

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“We have supported and will continue to support any and all victims of abuse, sexual or otherwise, whether here within IHOPKC, or anywhere in the community,” Manito added. “To be clear, there have been no lawsuits filed against IHOPKC; the allegations of prior misconduct pertained to an individual, not our organization.”