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‘Southern Baptists Are a Force for Good’—Jeff Iorg Addresses SBC Executive Committee for First Time as New President

“And I stand here before you today as an example of what Southern Baptists can accomplish,” Iorg added, “when they focus on leading young people to faith in Jesus and training them and guiding them and supporting them and funding them to do a lifetime of ministry on our behalf.” 

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Iorg expressed that his vision for the EC is to help “get the gospel to more people.” 

“We are here to facilitate the work of Southern Baptist and their entities; to manage—and I choose this word carefully—minimize the administrative processes,” Iorg said. 

“It is not our job to maximize the administrative processes or to magnify the administrative process,” he continued. “It is our job to do our work quietly and efficiently so that we can get on with the real work of winning more and more people to faith in Jesus.”

Stressing the importance of the SBC’s annual meeting, Iorg said that it sets the direction for the work the EC will undertake throughout the year. 

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“We are the ones being handed the responsibility for so many of these things, because someone has to manage the work of the Convention the 363 days it’s not in session every year,” Iorg said. “We received these responsibilities gladly. I’m glad to devote the next years of my life to leading you to solve these problems.”