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Three Reasons Every Christian Should Cultivate Curiosity

You might know many things. But knowledge isn’t the same as wisdom. Wisdom requires humility. Humility melts away cynicism. And the catalyst is your curiosity—your active desire to experience wonder.

Curiosity Is a Spiritual Discipline.

When Jesus clashed with the Pharisees during his ministry, it wasn’t because he thought everything they did was wrong. In fact, there was no other group that he was more closely aligned with theologically than the Pharisees.

It’s just that the Pharisees thought they knew everything, had learned everything, had mastered everything. It’s that arrogance that cut them off from experiencing the presence of God and caused them to spit in the face of the Messiah they had been waiting for when he was in their midst.

May the same not ever be said of us. May we have the humility to explore our curiosity, the faith to trust God in the midst of uncertainty, and revel in the sense of wonder that is all part of being a human made in the image of God.

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