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15 Ideas to Spark Extraordinary Church Growth

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Not every church is the same, and not all church growth ideas are equally effective for every church. What works for one may not work for another. To help spark new ways to improve your church, Church Fuel recommends these church growth ideas.

15 Church Growth Ideas

1. Post a picture of the Volunteer of the Week on Social Media.

Use social media to shower appreciation on volunteers. Take a picture of someone serving on Sunday and post during the week. Write something personal and specific and recognize their service to the church.

2. Create new and specific places for people to serve.

One of the best ways to involve brand new volunteers in the ministry is to create brand new opportunities for people to serve. New positions often attract new people. When you create a new and specific way to serve, someone might think, “I was made to do that.” The more specific you make the role, the more likely you are to fill it.

3. Try webinars for training volunteers.

Volunteer meetings are tough. You’ve got to plan them, promote them, and run them. And despite your best efforts, there are always people who can’t attend. So instead of asking everyone to leave their home, why not take the training to them? Tools like Blab, Google Hangouts or Facebook Live Video make it easy to deliver live video content to your people. As a bonus, you can record the training and make it available to everyone on-demand or send it to new volunteers.

4. Encourage small groups to serve together.

There’s nothing like serving together that helps a group connect with each other. Whether it’s men’s groups, couples’ groups or entire families, serving together is a great way for a group to get to know each other and for the church to get involved in the community. You don’t have to manage all of the details – just provide a little leadership and inspiration and let your group leaders lead.

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