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10 Amazingly Easy Ways to Live Out Your Faith on Pinterest

Social media enthusiasts are enamored with the momentum of Pinterest. The number of men jumping on ‘boards’ is growing. Brand marketers are quickly and strategically infiltrating this network wherever they can. Big brands, intent on converting images into new revenue and profits streams, populate the daily flow of images.

Meanwhile, for those of us on the lookout for every opportunity to #LiveSticky, Pinterest is yet another place to share and live out our faith. On this platform, every board holds the possibility of becoming a glorious reflection of the God we serve.

Captivating images create conversations, and conversations birth more shared experiences. Community happens, relationships form, inspiration abounds, and with a dose of intentionality, Pinterest creations introduce others to the One true Creator. Spirit filled faith cannot be contained. It seeks to flow directly from our lives into the lives of others. On this rapidly growing social media platform, the current is strong.

10 Amazingly Easy Ways to Live Out Your Faith on Pinterest

1.  Your Profile

Profiles are part of the first impression you make on any social media platform. On Pinterest, your profile stands out like a downtown theater marquee. It’s bold, easy to read, and waiting for you to take a stand on who you are and what matters most to you.

2.  Your Boards

Each board you create is like a page in the story of you. Here you visually share your heart, mind, and soul. Every board you design becomes a window into the essence of you in a way not possible on any other platform. There is more than enough content available for you to theme boards around the elements of your faith and relationship with God.

3.   Board Titles

You have the freedom to title every board (As well as every single image you PIN). Your creativity and imagination invite others to come inside. A title is a simple means to showcase your uniqueness and communicate Who holds your heart.

4.  Board Descriptions

Every board carries with it the option to describe it. Favorite scriptures, quotes, or song lyrics can bring an emotive quality to the stories you want to tell with the images you collect.

5.  Board Covers

You have the ability to freeze the cover image featured on each board. Thoughtful execution of the functionality highlights significant posts, your core message, and elegantly connects one board to the next.

6.  Board Arrangements

The arrange feature on your wall enables you to change-up the order in which your boards appear. With this tool you can put first things first on your wall and cast a bigger vision by the way you sequence or cluster your boards. The synergy of how it comes together has the potential to powerfully impact someone visiting your wall.

7.  Common Ground

It’s always fun to find pins in unexpected places, but common ground surfaces fast when you ‘like’ or ‘repin’ the images of those already in your community. You discover what people value and where interests intersect. The notification system works fast. You can gauge who is responding and what exactly they liked about your posts. Common ground is where relationships manifest, trust develops, and doors to Truth open.

8.  Multimedia

Pinning isn’t limited to static images. You can pin videos and blogs as well. Now you have another highly interactive way for others to learn more about you and for you to learn about them. Christian blogs and videos serve to enrich your story while adding texture to the other content pinned on a board.

9.  Outreach

And if you are wondering about ‘outreach’ possibilities, well, that’s easy, too. Use the main search function to discover content outside of your follower mix. There you’ll find fresh images and brand new people to add to your community. Make comments on posts when you repin something from someone’s collection for the first time. It a gracious way to quickly engage a new friend.

10. Celebration

Boards are often used to plan the celebrations to come or to document ones that have passed. Every board is a gateway to discovery. A joy filled occasion connects people intensely around life’s most profound hopes, dreams, delights, and desires. Comment, celebrate, and bless those events as you see them unfold in the lives of others.

What do you enjoy most about Pinterest? What are some of the ways you see faith being expressed and shared there?