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8 Habits of Christians Who Live Out Their Faith Every Day, Not Just on Sunday

8. People who live out their faith talk about spirituality.

And finally, all these people I know talk about their faith openly. Today, we can be concerned about offending someone or making them feel uncomfortable, but really, that’s our fear speaking louder than our love. We talk about the things we truly love, and if we’re too scared to speak about our faith with those around us, we’ll never let it surface in our daily lives.

To sum it all up, the eight habits I’ve observed of people who live out their faith every day are that they:

  • 1. Carve out restorative times.
  • 2. Make love a reflex, not a blocked off time.
  • 3. Consider character.
  • 4. Cultivate community.
  • 5. Honor roles.
  • 6. Cherish the little things.
  • 7. Suffer in godly ways.
  • 8. Talk about spirituality.

Faith was never meant to be something we entertain on Sundays. It is to be exercised every day.

So as our society grows increasingly more complex, solidify the things that matter. In the toppling waves of busy seasons, make your faith stand apart. Live it out every day—as it’s supposed to be.

What are some habits you could be working on to prioritize your faith in daily life? Talk about it in the Comments section below!