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To My Friend Whose Marriage Is Pretty Much Dead

3. Pray with your spouse and for your spouse daily.

Praying together is one of the most intimate acts a couple can share. It might seem very uncomfortable at first and it will require some vulnerability on both your parts, but I believe it will do wonders to build your faith and build your marriage. God uses prayer to change our circumstances, but even more importantly, He uses our prayers to change our perspective. When you start praying with your spouse and for your spouse, you will begin to see him/her in a new way.

4. Resolve together that you WON’T divorce, but also resolve together that you WON’T settle for anything less than a great marriage with each other. 

It’s not enough to avoid divorce. There have been too many couples who view their marriage as a prison sentence they have to endure instead of a gift they get to to enjoy. Yes, I’m against divorce, but I’m also against couples living like they’re divorced and calling it a marriage. Refuse to settle for the status quo. You might be unhappy in your marriage, but are you unhappy enough to actually do something to make it better? Be willing to do whatever it takes. Work as long as it takes. It will be worth it!

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