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10 Best Quotes From the Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference

10 Best Quotes from the Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference
More than 6,000 men gathered over the weekend at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ga for the Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference. Some 20,000 from around the world joined in via simulcast. It was an incredible weekend of worship, training in the Word of God, confession and repentance. Here are some of Johnny Hunt’s best quotes:
  1. “God forbid anyone meet Jesus without taking someone with you.”
  2. “Two things happened when I got saved. God gave me a Father and a Family!”
  3. “Where are the men of God who are willing to say, ‘God is there anything in my life that is causing another man to stumble? If so, I’ll put it out.’”
  4. “If you’ll bring your past up to God, He’ll never bring it up to you again.”
  5. “The church pew has become one of the most comfortable places to go to hell from.”
  6. “When’s the last time you told your wife about the deficits in your life and asked her to pray?”
  7. “Every major battle that you win, you will win praying on your knees.”
  8. God fill me with the Holy Spirit and clothe me with humility.
  9. “What if we prayed, ‘Lord you know my future. If you see that I’m going to do something to hurt my family or destroy my ministry, would you, by your grace, take me to an early grave?’”
  10. “If you want to be a godly man, live in urgency!”

Did you join us for the conference? What were your favorite moments?

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Kris Dolberry is a pastor, speaker, writer, and church consultant. After serving in pastoral leadership for 17 years, Kris now leads Ministry to Men at LifeWay and serves as Executive Editor of Stand Firm, a daily devotional magazine for men. Kris is husband to Vanessa and dad to Konnor, Emma, and Brady. They live outside Nashville, Tennessee.