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7 Stupid Distractions Every Leader Should Eliminate

Move Beyond Hacks – Get Your Life and Leadership Back

The #1 question other leaders ask me is this: How do you get it all done (write a blog, host a major podcast, work full time, speak and write books, AND have a decent family life with some actual hobbies).

I answered that question by creating The High Impact Leader Course.

In it, I’ll show you 100 percent customizable principles that will help you reach your highest level of leadership at work AND help you spend more time with your family.

The course can also help you thrive by helping you find healthy, sustainable rhythms that move your life and leadership to a new level.

Check it out here—new enrollment is open for just a few more days and this is the last time the course will be offered at this price point.

What Does It Do?

This 10-session online course will show you highly practical, proven strategies on how to finally get time, energy and priorities working in your favor. It includes 10 videos, an online workbook and 10 specific exercises that will help you create a personalized plan to help you get productive and accomplish the things you know are most important, but rarely have time for.

The course, which proceeds at your personal pace whenever you’re ready to tackle a unit, is designed to help you:

-Get your most important priorities done early in the week, every week.

-Spend more of your time at work doing the things that energize you and less time doing the things that drain you.

-Invest more of your time with the people who energize you and less time with the people who drain you.

-Discover time to finally exercise, pursue a hobby, launch a blog, start a podcast or write that book.

-Actually be OFF when you have a day off.

-Be far more focused on your family when you’re with your family.

-Learn how to say no nicely, so you can free up time for the things you’re truly called to do.

In short, it’s designed to help get your life and leadership back, or maybe find them for the very first time. Plus we have a Facebook Group, calendar templates, a bonus time hacking resource and other extras that can help you get the most of it all.

Learn more.

What High Impact Alumni Are Saying…

Haley Bodine, a writer, leader and young mom, says:

“A few months ago, I was drowning. When my kids needed me I was just praying for bedtime. Then I discovered the High Impact Leader calendar. What we’ve found is that by calendaring our priorities, my husband and I are healthier. We’re communicating better and we’re healthier than ever and getting more done than ever before. Thank you!”

Dave from Invitation Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a married pastor of a new church plant who has two kids under the age of five, says:

“Just wow. Thank you. The course helped me identify my priorities and work to bring clarity in all phases of my life. I feel SO, SO, SO much more freedom.”

Isaac saw a complete turnaround:

If you asked me earlier this year if I would want a repeat of 2017 I would have said, no way.

After walking through the High Impact Leader though, I would and will repeat what I have been doing in the last few months.

It has allowed me to be more strategic with my time, energy and priorities like never before. I have held a full schedule for the last few months and unlike ever before, my family did not feel the weight of it, my family was prioritized at the top of it.

Thank you, Carey, for helping the end of 2017 be great, and I’m very excited about what 2018 is going to hold!

And that’s the goal. I hope that’s what will happen in your life.

We’re currently offering some free, limited time bonuses for everyone who jumps in on this offering of the High Impact Leader course.

To learn more or to enroll now, click here.

What About You?

What distractions keep you from being productive?

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